One rare last chance

Melanie wakes up one morning knowing she'll die in less than twentyfour hours. She have no idea how she got the information, yet she's sure it's true. So now she's experiencing her last day ever. What would you do if you only had a few hours left to live?


3. 7:45 AM

Omelette.. I've never really liked it. It does barely taste anything... at least not when my mom do it.

"Can I get pancakes instead?" I try to convince her with a cute-puppy-eyes look. "I never ask you for anything, please..?" With a shrug on her shoulders she gives up and make me pancakes. Not that she were ever protesting. I know I'm being rude here but what to do? Maybe I should have learned how to do pancakes my self.. "Can I help?" I smile a big smile at her tryin not to look so selfish. I mean she went up this morning and made us breakfast. I can at least show a little gratitude.

"You can make them you'r self if you want" She smile back at me with a teasing little spark in her eyes.

"But I don't know how to..."

"You've gotta lern sometime right?" She wave me over to her. So with carefull steps I walk up to her. What else can I do? Make her do pancakes for me? No way. Plus, when I'm dead I might need to do pancakes for hundreds of other dead people. Who knows?

"Okey.. So what do I do?" She put a recipe infront of me. I read it through. "But it doesn't say how to actually make them..?" My mom takes up a towel to wipe of her hands with.

"First you whisk together the milk and the eggs..." Fortunatley enough for me everything I need is lying in front of me on top of the counter. So I take the tools I need and start making pancakes.


"Have any plans for the day?" She's still standing by my side watching me as I turn every pancake when they're the perfect golden brown colour.

"Yea.. I thought I'd might go see Eric for a while and then take a ride in the London eye, have a look at the view.." My mom and dad like Eric so they never have a problem with me seing him, but that London eye thing... Of course my parents know I'm afraid of heights. Weirdly enough my mom doesn't seem too surprised.

"Weren't you there yesterday? Time to turn" I turn around the pancake. Was I there yesterday? I have no memories whatsoever of that. What was I doing there? I'm afraid of heights!

"Yea... I just... Liked it so much so I wanted to do it again" I smile smoothing at her. I'm not lying. I'm not lying. I'm not lying.

"Okey, They're finished now, you can take a seat" The plate of hot pancakes get put down in front of me on the table. I place a piece of it on my fork.

"Aren't you having any? Or dad?" She sit down at the other end of the table.

"Taste it. If it taste good I promise we'll make you'r dad try it" She smile at me. She's so cute when she smile. Her face turns twenty years younger. Sometimes dad tells me I look exactly like her. But I know it's not true. The only thing I have incommon with her is the dimples that comes out everytime she laugh. Other than that... Nothing. I have red curly hair like my dad and blue eyes. She's blonde and brown-eyed.

I Smile back at her and taste my new-made pancake. A few seconds later I'm bending over the sink trying not to throw up.

"I think you used salt instead of sugar.. And maybe a little bit too much baking powder" I spit over and over again trying to get the taste out of my mouth. "You know lerning comes from making mistakes. How did it taste?" I wipe my mouth with the towel.


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