One rare last chance

Melanie wakes up one morning knowing she'll die in less than twentyfour hours. She have no idea how she got the information, yet she's sure it's true. So now she's experiencing her last day ever. What would you do if you only had a few hours left to live?


2. 7:30 AM

The hot water is pouring down over me. I've come to realisation now that everything I do today is the last time I do that particular thing, Ever.

I've never really liked showers so much but today.. This one.. It feels like all my muscels in my body are finally relaxing. And I can think! What do I wanna do today...?

I've gotta do something special for Fluffy. So she wont forget me. And I must give her water and food so she can last a couple of days. I hope dad's gonna take care of her. Dad...

Tears are streaming again. Lucky I'm in the shower this time.

I hope mom wont get to sad. I don't like it when she cry.

Maybe I should do a list. About things I want them to do or don't do when I'm gone.

Like: Maybe you can be sad for a while but you have to get over it. Start living again. I'm in a better place now.

Those kind of things. Yea... I'll do that.

But I still have to decide what I'm doing today. I want to go for a ride in the London eye. I've never done that. Maybe I should have, I mean, me living here my whole life and so. Mom tried to get me with on time a long time ago, but that didn't work so well, since I'm afraid af heights and all.. Maybe Eric want to come? And after we can....

My throat closes on me. He can't come with! Maybe for a while... No! I have to brake up with him. Weather I like it or not. Maybe he'll just get pissed at me and find another girlfriend before the day is done. It'd be for the best anyway. Get over me as fast as he can.

I have to stop crying! It's not gonna change anything. It'll just make my eyes red, and if I go down with read eyes my mom'll ask me whats wrong and I'll just break down and tell her.. I wouldn't want that.

So, Stop Crying! I look up at the water. It'd be easier if I just drop dead right now.

Now I said. Now!

I wanna die right now! Kill me somebody!

I don't wanna live this whole day knowing I'm gonna die.

Kill me I said! NOW!!

"Why aren't I dead yet?" I sigh. It looks like my wishes wont come true. I don't want to be alive. Not right now.

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