One rare last chance

Melanie wakes up one morning knowing she'll die in less than twentyfour hours. She have no idea how she got the information, yet she's sure it's true. So now she's experiencing her last day ever. What would you do if you only had a few hours left to live?


1. 7:00 AM

I'm gonna die.

It's the first thing that comes to my thoughts when I wake up.

I'm gonna die.

In less than twentyfour hours I'll be dead. I don't even know why.

What happened last night? I can't remember a thing. Maybe I should ask mom.

But still, I can't get this nagging thought out of my head. I'm gonna die. At midnight.

Oh thats funny, I'm almost like cinderella. Except she didn't die. She just turned into her old poor self again working for her stepmom.

I wonder what I'm dying of...? Maybe a car chrash or a heart attack or something.. Can sixteen year olds even get heart attacks? I don't thinks so... Or maybe I'll just shoke on something, or drown... I've heard that drowning is suppose to be peaceful. How's that even possible? You'r lungs are filling up with water and you can't breathe. All you should be wishing for is to get back up, not for peace.

"What's wrong with me!?" I lecture my self.

I'm dying for a unknown reason and all I can think about is some idiot who think drowning is peaceful.

Tears are streaming down my face.

I'll never get to see my parents again. Or my beloved Fluffy. She's the cutest pet rabbit in the whole world. She always jump around my feet when I come and visit her back in our yard, and she loves to get scratched behind her ears. I thought only cats and dogs liked that. But no, my Fluffy loves everything. I turn around in my bed and bury my face in a pillow.

What about Eric? I'm crying so much now I can barely breathe. He's my boyfriend for over two years now. How will he survive this? I love him and he loves me. How's he gonna make it without me?

Maybe I'm overreacting, he'll be fine without me... He had girlfriends before me right?

But what we have is so real and wonderful. I don't wanna leave him. I curl up to a ball under my sheets. I'm gonne have to, if he ever will be able to move on without me...

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