A girl was found on an island by a passing cargo ship, she does not speak the language of her rescuers and seems to be able to talk to seagulls. Sorry if my use of Japanese is incorrect, I am only just learning the language.

This was written for an image prompt competition. It is my first story and any comments would be welcome.


9. The gull

The door clicked shut.

Suddenly, the emptiness pressed a huge weight and she bent under it's vastness. She did not try to hold the tears off. She had been damming them back for much too long.

So Kaiko cried. In the privacy of her chamber, onboard the S.S.Gelatine, she silently took out her past, all she has lived and all she has been told, and saw it through. The worst edges had indeed been dulled with time, so had her horror, but still she cried.

There was her hate for him, the only other person she had known in her childhood besides her dad. She knew it did no good, her hatred. After all, he had passed away. She had watched every last scrap of his existence torn away by the seagulls and the very waves drown his bones. But she could not reason with her hate.

The monster had taken away her father, she had thought of it in the many times, mostly when she missed the kiss of her dad before bedding down. Eventually, she credited it to madness, his cannibalism. And, of course, he had taken her mother as well. In his crash that day. Dad's captain and best friend had became drunk in the celebrations for my 1st birthday. No, she couldn't stop hating him for that. In the name of her mother.

But, what she hated most was that she had liked him. That she had looked up to him as the man who told her stories, who laughed often and hard, who loved her, and who had always believed every word that came out of her mouth.

No, she could not forgive him for it. Never.

She had plenty of reasons, though. Her tears where many enough for her to dedicate a suitable amount to each one.

Her dad. Her poor dad. But no, that was still too hard for her to touch on.

Those days when she woke up defeated and alone. With no more spirit to go on living. When she scared herself with thoughts of her own death. Hard years, when she had no one to turn to but seagulls. But Chick had always listened, when she told him her stories, when she talked to him. After a while, she learnt his expressions, the small signals they sent to one another, and she supposed that she was something next to content.

Kaiko thought of Jode. And for a small second she stopped in her grief and smiled. But then her thoughts moved to that flat, cruel and merciless place that was her past once again.

She felt a feather brush her nose. She sneezed.

Chick was there. With his head turned to the side and his eyes curious. He rubbed his head to Kaiko's cheeks, completely unperturbed of the salt water there, and came so close that he sat in her lap.

The seagull refused to move from his position. He must have come in through the door when Jode left. From time to time he squawked.

Kaiko remembered that this was the first time he had seen her cry. What? Don't seagulls shed tears when they leave the only place they've ever called home? she wanted to ask, but all that came was more tears.

Chick patiently pruned her hair as pride finally took over and she fought her sorrows, aware that it was as hopeless as stopping the ascent of the rising tide.

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