Chrisie doesn't think she's pretty, smart, or stylish but when a day out to London results in her getting stopped by a top model agency she is thrown into the limelight I a world of glamour, sophistication and starving girls. Desperate to impress she tries to pull out all the stops to succeed but will a new romance distract her?


3. Telling


The next few hours were strange, very strange. Micha and Steph squealed and jumped around talking to me at 100 miles an hour before going back to their iphones to start spreading the"good"  news.

I was still shocked, and if I'm totally honest, a little unconvinced. I've heard storied about fake model agency scouts who trick people out of money, lots of money, and that made me nervous. Anya's gloomy mood wasn't helping my doubt either. She stood embarrassed for a few minutes, lagging behind us as the twins started imagining what it would be like if a I became a star. After about half an hour she started to become more talkative , but only with the twins and I could see that her sparkle from before had definitely disapeared. I also guessed that she probably wasn't so excited about london anymore.

Anya sat next to me on the train home, she didn't say very much, in fact she almost didn't say anything. It was an awkward hour home, made worse by the fact that every ten minutes I would catch her looking me up and down in disbelief. She stared at my slightly two large and wide set brown eyes hidden beneath my glasses aswell as my medium length black hair that hung wavy and limp at the side of my head. I'd never had a great sense in clothes either and knowing that she was clearly thinking the same thing made me feel insecure and nervous. I was grateful when the train finally pulled into our station so I could hurry the ten minutes home after hugging everyone goodbye.


"Hey Chrise" My mum called from the living room as I closed the wooden door behind me, I made my way through are tiled hallway and into the lounge. "Did you have fun? What did you get?" She asked talking her eyes away from the million pound drop as it flashed on the TV hung on the oppostie wall. "It was great" I replied, holding up a cute lace pink top Anya had picked out for me followed by some bracelets and a necklace from forever 21. "Oh and you'll never guess what happened" I said calmly as she nodded in approval at the few items I'd bought. "What sweetie?" She asked back. This women called Sophia came up and offered me her business card, she said she's from Sky models and that she wants me to sign with them" I stated simply as I held up the last item, watching her priceless reaction.

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