Chrisie doesn't think she's pretty, smart, or stylish but when a day out to London results in her getting stopped by a top model agency she is thrown into the limelight I a world of glamour, sophistication and starving girls. Desperate to impress she tries to pull out all the stops to succeed but will a new romance distract her?


2. Scouted


"Sorry to interrupt you girls, I just wondered if I could talk to you about something?" She asked in a high pitch yet professional sounding voice. She was taller closer up, and a lot younger looking too, with sharp features, a small pointy nose and high cheekbones. "My names Sophia" she continued without waiting for any of us to respond "and I'm a model scout for Sky Models. That caught our attention. I saw Anya's eyes widen in amazement, Steph and Micha squealed and jumped up and down as they, like me, watched Anya's reaction. "I watch hundreds of girls walk down these busy streets every day and I think you would make a perfect model. I would love it if you could come to our offices soon so we could get you measured and have a few test shoots taken." Once again she had continued talking, acting as if she hadn't noticed our reactions, but that was fine becuase we were so excited I doubt we would of known what to say anyway. Well, that is apart from Anya "I would love to model!" she said confidently her excitement badly masked by her shrill tone. "Oh I'm very sorry, I was talking to your friend," Sophia replied coldly.


"Oh, that's good, I never wanted to model for you anyway," Anya muttered under her breathe sounding hurt. I was shocked, Anya was gorgeous and definitely the prettiest out of all of us, slim and tanned with waste length chocolate coloured curly hair.  I looked over at Steph and Micha, trying to work out who Sophia was talking to if it wasn't Anya, but they were both looking back at me. I turned back to face Sophia and was surprised to see her looking back at me and holding out a small rectangular piece of paper with some very simple black writing on it. "You want me to be a model?" I said in a small mouse like voice. "Of course! Your slim, very tall and have beautiful bone structure, you could easily do very well in the modelling industry" She answered back. "What, me?" I asked again, shocked. "Yes you" she repeated slowly, with a bemused look on her face as she studied me. I felt self conscious and insecure as I stood there under her critical eye. "Just make sure you show your parents the card and book an appointment soon, I want to introduce you to the industry straight away" she said, and with that she flashed her perfect white teeth, turned around and walked away.

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