Chrisie doesn't think she's pretty, smart, or stylish but when a day out to London results in her getting stopped by a top model agency she is thrown into the limelight I a world of glamour, sophistication and starving girls. Desperate to impress she tries to pull out all the stops to succeed but will a new romance distract her?


1. Day out


I'm not pretty, not stylish or cool. Originally when my friends had suggested going to London I disagreed. The large numbers of people worried me and I didn't like busy places. However after weeks of nagging I reluctantly agreed to go, and here we are, walking down Oxford Street. 

Anya was skipping up ahead, her long curly brown hair flicked from side to side as she kept a few feet in front of us, her bag swung around in her hand and flip flops made a loud slapping noise as they hit the ground. It was her first trip to London and she was overly excited, pointing out Topshop, River Island and Urban Outfitters despite seeing them every weekend in our home town. "Hurry up Chrisie!" She shouted looking back at me from ahead. Micha and Steph, otherwise known as the twins, walked next to me, I hadn't known them very long but they were Anya's friends so I assumed they must be nice. They were both a lot prettier than me aswell as much more confident and where reading a message on stephs phone, laughing loudly  and not caring as they walked into people not looking where they were going. Originally I thought that's why the woman stood nearby was staring at us. She was tall and stylish, dressed in smart black trousers, stilettos and a cream blouse, she also looked rather snobby.


It was a few hours later and we had had lunch in a small cafe on a side road of Oxford street. We stopped outside a shoe store and caught up with Anya (who had continued to skip ahead) as she looked at some wedges in the window, pressing her face right up against the glass and fogging it up as she tried to get a closer look. I was just about to pull her away and suggest we go inside instead, when I heard a small cough behind us and we all turned around. It was the women from earlier

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