Circle You, Circle You.

Back when World War 2 started the Nazis took over an Orphanage which held a total of 31 children. This is a brunch of diary entrees from one of those children. One of the children who became- AN IMMORTAL CHILD. Taken from the POV of Hellishan a young girl who is afraid of the forest outside and hates games, one is particular- Circle you, Circle you. Written by Alisa! xx


4. They want clown Yuki.


Dear Diary,

Again I woke up to talking but not from the person next to me because she was already awake and showering- I could hear her light singing over the rhythmic running of water. It was German, they were either speaking fast or in the word you had to but I decided the former was probably correct. I couldn’t make out anything they were saying just random babble to me but it seemed important... When I peered from the blanket the men were gone and a rumbling was growing inside my stomach.

After I was my tummy full I proceeded to look for Yuki, I had taken a shower last night but I always knew what stall she took because she usually called things ‘lucky’ and used them frequently. When I knocked on her stall she peered round the door, dripping soap and water and proclaimed she would be out later so I was to go look for someone who was upset. I did this often, it made me happy to help people but sometimes they didn’t even know me so that was probably why some people think wrongly of me- or are they not wrong?

Clown sat in the hall, his head rolling and his face twisted to a held in scream, I crouched next to him and stroked his arm. I asked him how he was and if anything was wrong.

That’s when I saw him cry for the first time. He did so slowly but after he started he couldn’t hold them back and they tumbled like waterfalls down his cheeks to dampen his shirt. His mother was already dead and his father was at war- he told me they had sent a letter saying he was missing. He was very irritated that no one cared about him in this condition and would have run rampant if I didn’t sooth him.

After I calmed him we drank some tea together and he even started laughing with me, it was a friendship that was special to me as I always tried to make the people who had wronged me, like me. Yuki strolled into the kitchen to find me put his cup away and smiling at him. He was 9 and Yuki thought that they were close enough to be friends but that never happened for some old reason.

I told him I had to go and explained his situation to Yuki, after which she said she wanted to speak to him too because her father never wrote to her anymore and it was like he was missing. I walked behind her as she looked for him and we both hoped he hadn’t wondered into the playroom. I saw him before she did and pointed down the left corridor. She beckoned him toward us and we saw a light smile take his lips. I grinned largely back and he laughed under his breath, which made him bump into Helita. Helita especially doesn’t like being touched, she swung her palm at him and left a blazing red hand print, he was still worked up about his dad and hit her back so she started to scream.

When you lose a parent you’re are to cry silently and not act out, that’s how I ended up spending the night outside and that is why Clown also had to do that too. Me and Clown knew his punishment for hitting that girl with Autism so we both went to bed early to get settled in, Yuki asked if he wanted he to come to and he said that he didn’t so she went to the kitchen to make us honey tea.

It was Yuki who noticed them on her way in, the cameras that they had installed at each corner of the room, they moved to shoot you and we all felt uncomfortable in its gaze. This means we can’t do the plan on paper anymore unless we want to write another story (because they’ll want to know want we’ve been writing), Yuki says we can use my diary but I don’t want them to look in it so she said that we could leave it until we’d figure something else.

Clown wanted to know what we were doing but then he got dragged outside. I haven’t looked out the window, I’m too scared but even though I’m on the third floor I can still hear his whimpers and as the night goes on they keep getting louder. I can’t sleep though this.

Bye Diary,

Hellish 3:(

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