Circle You, Circle You.

Back when World War 2 started the Nazis took over an Orphanage which held a total of 31 children. This is a brunch of diary entrees from one of those children. One of the children who became- AN IMMORTAL CHILD. Taken from the POV of Hellishan a young girl who is afraid of the forest outside and hates games, one is particular- Circle you, Circle you. Written by Alisa! xx


6. I'm coming to get you Yuki


Dear Diary,

I slept uneasily; I could hear them even in my dreaming. Kagari was curled up next to me when I woke up, I think he heard them too. I’m quite scared because I heard Choko too; when I looked though my dairy this morning it turns out I had written that in too but... I can’t remember writing- maybe I was too sleepy to store that memory or something.

Yuki says she’s worried but it is still 2 days before I tell her about it. I think I should tell her sooner because I’m really worried but I she might just be on leave. To see her parents- I asked Yuki about this but she said that Choko never talked about her parents and everyone thought that they were dead- or sick at least.

Gretel went missing too, I’m really scared now because I could hear the screams from that same room and I knew they were hers because sometimes I hear them in the night when she has a nightmare- I was never close to her and now I don’t know if I can ever be. Yuki will investigate if I tell her about Gretel and get angry so I won’t tell her. Gretel’s the oldest so I would have thought she could fight back, plus if they are doing anything bad to her then the staff would have stepped in- I mean one of the workers is her mother and you wouldn’t let your own daughter get hurt! Would you? Of course not... I hope.

Kagari can hear her too and he’s getting scared so I spent after dinner with him only. Yuki got upset with me because I’m not spending all day with her but I said that everyone is going though tough things right now and she said this:

‘Don’t you think that I’m going through a tough time to?’ and she ran away crying. That is why I want to tell her even more about Choko but I know what she will do... maybe if I tell her now she won’t jump up when the others start dying.

I’ve concluded that they are dying because I can hear them though the walls even more though the days. I don’t want her to die too and I should tell her unless she agrees with them to go with them. I’m getting even more scared writing about- please, please, please let me get to her in time.

I’m running now Diary and I’m afraid I’ll have to tell you what happens tomorrow,

Hellish :)

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