Circle You, Circle You.

Back when World War 2 started the Nazis took over an Orphanage which held a total of 31 children. This is a brunch of diary entrees from one of those children. One of the children who became- AN IMMORTAL CHILD. Taken from the POV of Hellishan a young girl who is afraid of the forest outside and hates games, one is particular- Circle you, Circle you. Written by Alisa! xx


1. I can hear them Yuki.


Dear Diary,

Today I want to start a dairy and that is what I am doing. You don’t get to do many things in this Orphanage apart from play, but I find that I soon found that tiresome and started to read, but I have read all the books here and no one seems to leave apart from a man who delivers food here every month, so new books do not get brought here.

My name is Hellishan (hel-lis-za-n) and I don’t know how my mother died. I know my father died in war because a few months ago the Orphanage got a letter from the war office to say that he had died of some weird kind of disease. He said he would come back to see me when the war ended but now he can’t; obliviously. I have only one friend because she is the one who taught me to read, her name is Yukari (You-kar-ray) and she is the most interesting out of the whole 31 of us. She has a rather odd condition with her eyes that makes them brown and blue, sometimes she cries about how people see her differently than I do because I think she is beautiful.

I am 8 years old and Yukari is nearly 9 in a few months. We both came to the Orphanage at the time of the first few weeks of the war. Her mother is sick and in hospital but Yukari doesn’t like to think of her much- she says that her mother used to beat her and her father would treat her wounds. She doesn’t want her mother to get better and her father is still alive.

Yukari and I are not close to the staff but she said she overheard the main teacher and the head of the Orphanage talking about Nazis coming over to work in this facility tomorrow. This means that we can both wreak havoc on them- we do not like Nazis, even though they are fighting with us in the war. We blame them for taking our fathers into war and making them leave us; using that logic they basically killed my father. That is not to say that we take the side of the British and Americans but the point of war I do not understand yet- why is there war when people just get killed; how do you justify that?

Yukari doesn’t share a room with me because I share a room with 2 boys and another girl- the girl is named Gretel and she is German, she is the daughter of a worker here. The boys are named Kageri (Ka-gay-ree) – he has a scar that goes from his left eye to the tip of his mouth, nobody talks to him because he looks so scary but I can hear him whimpering at night; the other one pulls pranks on people so I don’t like him, I only know him as Clown because that is what everyone calls him- sometimes he takes my clothes when I’m sleeping and I have to go to the breakfast room naked. Even though Yuki (her nickname) and I don’t sleep in the same room we sometimes meet outside in the hallway because it feels eerie and keeps us awake. Yuki calls me Hellish because that is how my name is spelt and whenever an adult calls a child that we look at each other and that makes us stifle laughter and that’s even worse when we’re the ones in trouble.

When you are really naughty they make you go out in the garden- I’ve only been out there once when I started screaming and breaking glasses when I found out my father had died. It’s horrible out there, the trees whisper to you and sometimes you can see children behind the twisting branches coming towards you, I hear them though the walls sometimes too- they say “circle you, circle you” which is a game that the children in the Orphanage sometimes play. Maybe that’s why I don’t like games much either.

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