Circle You, Circle You.

Back when World War 2 started the Nazis took over an Orphanage which held a total of 31 children. This is a brunch of diary entrees from one of those children. One of the children who became- AN IMMORTAL CHILD. Taken from the POV of Hellishan a young girl who is afraid of the forest outside and hates games, one is particular- Circle you, Circle you. Written by Alisa! xx


9. Have you gone crazy YUKI!


Today it is Helita’s birthday so I had to think up a plan to get close to her. I needed to make it so that she wouldn’t be with Gretel’s mother. So I’d have to approach her in the bathroom but she wouldn’t need that till after dinner so I would wait.

I went to see Yuki after breakfast because I figured she would be better now and I missed her. While going to her dorm I bumped into Teiru whose face lightened when he saw me, mine reflected that. I told him I was away to see Yuki and asked him if he wanted to come with me, he nodded so we went together. When I creaked open the door I sensed the aura in the room was so sad that I felt like I was being pressed down when I took a step inside. I felt my head lolly around my shoulders and my smile dropped, it had the same effect on Teiru too.

I saw Yuki against one of the bunk bed frames. I noticed a red puddle around her right side. Her head turned to me and a weak smile flickered on her face and a small flutter of recognition came across her eyes as well. When she turned to me I saw what had caused the blood. She had a deep cut across her right arm.

I ran to her side and dragged her to the bathroom where Tieru nervously came in too. He dabbed her wounds and I stitched them. When we were done Tieru gasped- one word was written... Clown. He roared at me, wanting to know why it was there and I told him it was probably memorable scar for him. He started to cry then- did he not know that Clown was dead? He asked me about Shota and I said he was dead too. He broke down there in the bathroom and I tried to stop him but he wouldn't calm down so I slapped him and he looked at me funny so I kissed him and then Yuki started laughing. She seemed to have something up with her but I ignored it.

I told her to go to sleep and tucked her in. Tieru looked at me blushing and I asked him why. He said it was because I kissed him and I said I loved him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him alive. He blushed even harder but I waved him away and told him to go to dinner because I had something important to do.

I waited in the girl's bathroom all dinner knowing that no one would notice that I wasn't eating because I didn't eat much anyway. After everyone had filed out I waited 20 more minutes knowing Helita took longer for her food and an hour more if they had to remake it for her. I saw her dainty body leave a silhouette against the door frame and I hid in one of the stalls. As soon as she made her way into the one next to me I peered out and waited near the door, blocking her way.

When she came out she walked up to me and screamed in my face, I handed her the drawing and she nervousely slid it into her new kimono, I wanted to reverse it because she had it on the wrong way but I knew it would cause trouble.

When I went to bed that day I missed Tieru for some odd reason but I pushed it from my mind and closed my eyes. I slept like a baby that night- might as well because I'll never sleep again.

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