The wrong Paradise

Kellya's life story, how she became a welcomed Hero into Azeroth. How the Alliance welcomed her, and how she fell in love with her husband.


1. A broken heart, and a lost promise...

Laurian's heart belonged to Charles, but her marriage was with Tyler. Not more than six months old Kellya was already sitting up, her blonde hair sparkled in the sun on the beautiful sunday morning. Kellya laughed at her pet Catellie, the same age as Kellya a calico cat. Just beyond the other side of the field Laurian could see Charles in his overall's. Tyler came home last night drunk, he beat Laurian when he was drunk. Laurian reaches down pulling Kellya up onto her hip, walking over to the barn she sets the saddle on the black Mare they had just recived as a gift from Larurian's mother. Laurian knew it would be best to get Kellya away from her father. Setting Kellya into the bag on the side of the saddle. "Let's go, Tanya." The black Mare trotted off to Charles's home, Laurian smiled down at him whispering. "I'll be home soon my love, I am going to dispose of this.. Burden." Kellya laughed as Catellie brushed against her. Reaching the Dark Portal Laurian stepped foot into the large portal, Tayna following. Traveling for weeks Laurian reached the beautiful sceen of Nagrand, walking endlessly on the trail she came across a empty village, setting her camp there. Just when the moon had reached its peak, she heard a loud cry from Kellya and russles from the bushes outside. Jumping out of her tent she could only make out three large bulking figures from the moon. "No! Do not touch my child!" Reaching into her bag she pulled out a dagger rushing up and slicing one of the figures, the loud laugh from the figure made her cringe, "Or--..." She grunted as she hit the cold stones. Her last words we're, "I'm sorry Charles, Tyler.. And you Kellya..." The Orc's rumaged threw the bags finding a lockett stashing it into a bag as they headed west. Reaching the Orcish town, setting the child down on a blanket. Kellya giggled softly, as a large male Orc in Shaman clothing raised his bulking eyebrow. "Where did you find this Thran?" Thran scrached the back of his head sighing. "I found her on the outskirts of town..." A large female Orc walked over, picking up the small child. "Does she have a name...?" Skryin took a step forward, "Kellya, mother.. Her name is Kellya." The female Orc smiled. "Say hello to our newest member."

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