My entry into the bliss competition...
I wrote this as a joke and turned out to like it...


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Once upon a time, there was a girl who was in love with a guy who lived in a place far, far away, and she could never take the journey to her prince - many miles separated them. If she could, she would trek over mountains, through deserts and swim the oceans to see him, but she’d probably die before she reached him. There are so many dangerous things out there, she knew it was best to stay put; they’d be together one day. They’d be married and surrounded by children and they’d live happily ever after, like in all the other fairytales.  Her name is Rebecca, and this girl is me.

No one understands our love. People think I’m insane. They talk about me behind my back, but I know their cruel words won’t tear us apart. Our love is stronger than ever. Okay, I’ve never met him but I will do...eventually. My walls are plastered in posters of him, not a centimetre of pink wallpaper is visible. Smaller ones overlap the bigger ones; it’s like a collage of Johnny Depp photos. There’s only one word I can use to describe it. Beautiful.

Covering my windowsill and the desk I never used, was my grand collection of Captain Jack figures, The Mad Hatter figures from Alice in Wonderland, every single film Johnny Depp had ever been in on both DVD and Blue Ray and the hand stitched mini wedding gowns I had made. When I’m old enough, Johnny and I will marry in America and I will be wearing a full sized version of my favourite dress, a Cinderella look-a-like gown. But most importantly, the mini beach house model I’d made. We would live in an exact replica of this house, and only then, would I be truly satisfied.  

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