A new leaf

This boy has had a new leaf but is it a bad new leaf?
This boy is in a new city, new home, new school and has got new friends, but are these so called 'friends' actually friends?


1. A new leaf...


“Dad, we have only just got here. Why do I have to go to school as soon as possible?” Lenny moaned. “Because, otherwise you’re missing out on precious education. You know, you’re going to need lots of good education to get a decent job these days.” Phill, Lenny’s Dad, said satisfyingly.

“I know, but I just can’t be bothered to go and go through the pain of waking up early. Anyway, putting that aside, I’m off for a walk to see what this city is like, after all I’ll probably be living here for at least a few years.” Lenny said, but this time with a little bit more happiness. As Lenny walked towards the apartment door, his footsteps echoed straight through his head.

The pressure of starting a new school in a totally different environment was dawning on Lenny. It was making him feel minute and empty. When Lenny turned the new and polished door handle, he got a feeling that this new leaf might just give him a chance.

Once he had walked down the fusilli like stairs and the spacious corridor and opened another door that had another new and polished door handle. He saw it.

The buildings, the skyscrapers, the things that look like different sized jenga blocks stood up on an end, he saw them. Some with huge screens on, showing adverts and logos. These screens being millions of pixels in size. Stepping out into the city through the door frame, he saw the sheer looming extent of the buildings. He could sense the moist air of this immaculate city.

When Lenny strolled into the gates of his new school, he was amazed. Everyone had Ipads. Everyone had them in their grasp. Some people on social networking sites, some playing games and some doing homework. The double doors that lead into the main building were polished so much that Lenny could see his own reflection in them, all the way from the gates.

Lenny kept on strolling up to the mirror like doors. He placed his hand upon the metal bar, and as he opened the right hand door and gazed upon the never ending corridor, inside he felt so miniature. In Lenny’s first lesson he got introduced but as the day went on, people we ignoring him. In his third lesson, everyone had to go into groups of three. He had no group. People threw balls of scrumpled up paper at the back of his head. Lenny turned around at one point to see who the main culprit was.

This boy was mini, not tall, not medium but mini. He had clumps of hair coming out of his head, the bits were like cactus spikes, all prickly. This boy was stocky and obviously thought a lot of himself. When all the kids were dismissed one smart, clever, lanky looking boy stood up and followed the mini boy and went where ever he went. On the way out of the school the small, stocky boy glared at Lenny.

Lenny opened the door to his and his Dad’s modern apartment. His Dad was perched on one knee, on his laptop and talking on the phone at the same time. His Dad turned towards Lenny, tilted the phone away and whispered “That parcel came earlier and it’s got your name on it.” He pointed at the parcel and then carried on his conversation. Lenny opened the parcel. It was light, slim and fragile. He knew straight away who it was from, it was from his school. It was an Ipad. Lenny set it up that night.

Lenny had only been on it for about an hour and was already on games, doing homework and was trying to get to know some people that were in his classes. Within another five minutes he had received five notifications on a social networking site. Lenny clicked on the person, looked at his picture and Lenny knew who it was straight away.

It was him.

That big headed little boy was posting bad comments and pictures of Lenny. All of the pictures were of Lenny in his lessons. Second by second people were commenting things like “hahaha”, “nerd”, “stupid new kid” and other things that can be severely offensive.

After Lenny had eaten his ready meal tea, he finished his homework. He got a notification saying people have commented on one of his status’ but Lenny couldn’t understand because he hadn’t posted any status’. Lenny looked on his wall, it said “Btw guys, I’m the new kid and just to let you all know, I’m gay!”

After thinking, Lenny went to his dad and tried telling him but his dad just kept on speaking on the phone and at the same time he put his hand up, as if to say, not right now. Lenny kept trying but same response from his dad.

The next day Lenny went to his teacher, Mr Sampson, and told him. The teacher, Mr Sampson, just kept saying that it was ridiculous, no-one could hack that kind of site especially the small one because he was dumb. He had his friend… his clever friend.

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