Spies must tell lies

'For years I'd been trying to piece together some form of family, and now I had a second chance. I wouldn't let it slip through my fingers.'

Charlotte Goode is fifteen.She speaks eighteen languages and knows how to fight. But she wants to know what really happened the night when her parents fought, and only one of them came out alive.

Spies must tell lies, but she is determined to find the truth.


13. Lethal connection

How many hours did we talk for? I'm not sure. But when I stumbled up to my room later, the speck of sunlight on the horizon told me that dawn was breaking. A new day, a day to put things right.

I needed to find out who tried to take me, and how they made the mistake of taking Cammie instead.

I needed to find out who took Abby.

I needed to find out what Mr Solomon knew about the night everything changed.

But most of all, I needed my brother.

Zach listened. He didn't interrupt, which surprised me - he used to be so talkative, so opinionated. 

But he had changed.

When we were on the run, I thought Zach abandoned me. One day I woke up, and he was gone. I blamed him. And that was something I would regret. As soon as I accused him he looked so hurt. He looked at me sincerely.

"I didn't leave you. I was taken."

Surely some sort of joke?

My brother was taken. Abby was taken. Cammie was almost taken.

The connection? Me.

What Zach had said shocked me so much that I didn't even notice the figure leaning against the wall behind us. Casual posture, arms crossed, but his intent was far from relaxed. 

How did I know?

He was holding a gun. And it was aimed at me.

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