Spies must tell lies

'For years I'd been trying to piece together some form of family, and now I had a second chance. I wouldn't let it slip through my fingers.'

Charlotte Goode is fifteen.She speaks eighteen languages and knows how to fight. But she wants to know what really happened the night when her parents fought, and only one of them came out alive.

Spies must tell lies, but she is determined to find the truth.


15. An overdue goodbye

I decided to visit my father's grave.

It was a simple stone, a brief inscription carved upon it. But the man who it belonged to was far from plain. He was strong, brave, intelligent. He didn't deserve to die.

I traced the lettering with my fingers, and I closed my eyes, tried to forget. Maybe when I opened my eyes, the name on that headstone would be the name of a stranger. Needless to say, it wasn't, and my eyes were met with my father's name as I whispered goodbye.


On that day I said goodbye to both of my parents.

Mr Solomon had explained to me what I had longed to hear for so many years. He was there on the night that my parents began to argue. An argument that rapidly turned lethal.

He tried to stop my mother from firing the bullet at my father. He tried, but in vain. My father was already dead when Joe Solomon started a fire in an attempt to extinguish the fire that had built between two parents. He wasn't entirely successful - my mother managed to escape. But I was finally able to let it go.

You can't change the past. My father was dead, and I had to accept it. My mother was alive, but she was one of the best spies the world had seen - I knew I wouldn't be seeing her anytime soon. And there was one more question playing on my mind that had to be answered.

What were the intentions of James Mosckowitz?

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