Spies must tell lies

'For years I'd been trying to piece together some form of family, and now I had a second chance. I wouldn't let it slip through my fingers.'

Charlotte Goode is fifteen.She speaks eighteen languages and knows how to fight. But she wants to know what really happened the night when her parents fought, and only one of them came out alive.

Spies must tell lies, but she is determined to find the truth.


7. An Introduction to Spy School

My roommate tried to kill me.

That was my initial thought. Perhaps it was slightly over the top. I rubbed my cheek and looked up into eyes I'd recognise anywhere. We'd never met, but this girl has been on the cover of so many magazines, on television hundreds of times... it was Macey McHenry.

I wanted to yell "What was that for?" or ask her how she kept her hair so perfect, but the only sentence I could form was; "I'm your new roommate." Yep, that's right. I can speak 18 different languages, and when meeting possibly the coolest girl on the planet, I state the obvious. Nice one Charlie, I thought as I waited for her response, but she was interrupted by a small girl with a very big voice.

"What are you doing?!" she questioned furiously. "This is Charlotte Goode!" she whispered.

"I know." Macey rolled her eyes impatiently. "But I heard she has an incredible way to defend from a slap, and I just wanted to test it out." She shrugged innocently.

 "I do have a technique, but it'd be nearly impossible whilst holding a suitcase this heavy," I told her, throwing it on the floor and moving to show her.

 The small girl looked relieved, but still shocked that I was there. I offered a smile.

"What's your name?" I asked, and that question led to an hour long discussion between me and the girl, Liz, mainly about how many times I had led missions (57) and the best secret routes through the academy. Liz, at first, seemed ordinary, but she was actually incredibly bright. I had made my first mistake - under-estimating Gallagher Girls.

A loud, brisk knock at the door interrupted our conversation and made Macey's re-application of eyeliner very wobbly. Bex jumped up from her yoga mat to open the door.

It was Zach. He barely glanced at me, and a stab of pain pierced my chest.

"Have you seen Cammie?" His voice was urgent.

"No," my roommates replied in unison, worry laced in their voices.  Before anyone could respond, a deafening screech filled the air, and a mechanic voice repeated "EVACUATE THE BUILDING" over and over again. And I knew why. I could see the smoke seeping through the crack underneath our door.

We were trapped.


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