Spies must tell lies

'For years I'd been trying to piece together some form of family, and now I had a second chance. I wouldn't let it slip through my fingers.'

Charlotte Goode is fifteen.She speaks eighteen languages and knows how to fight. But she wants to know what really happened the night when her parents fought, and only one of them came out alive.

Spies must tell lies, but she is determined to find the truth.


3. A bitter alliance

Joe Solomon must have known my parents. I did not buy his story of him just happening to know my foster parents, and that he wanted to meet me. The Townsend's were normal, lovely people, who fostered me because they care. Solomon just decided he wanted to interfere.

He must have known what I was capable of. Why else would he recommend I enrolled at the Gallagher Academy? I was yet to discover Zach's connection to the academy, and I was adamant to stay in England. I had a somewhat normal life here, and I wanted to cling onto it for as long as I could.


I did not come in search of this Gallagher Academy because of Solomon, I came for Zach. I don't know why he left me. I was young, Zach was sensible... there must be a valid reason why he left me to fend for myself, and I wanted to hear it. 

The way I have described Joe Solomon so far shows that I am not particularly fond of him, but that doesn't even begin to explain how much I despise him. But right now I have to trust him.

It wasn't always like this. When Joseph Solomon first appeared in my life I found him charming, clever... even handsome. And very daring. But he took a step too far. 

I will find Zach. I will find my mother. I will put things right, for my father - even if it costs lives. 

And Joe Solomon will be punished for what he did.

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