Kagome, Kagome

This is a diary story about an area in Japan during WW2. It is a true story of what happened to the children but I'am writing a diary 1st person perspective which is fiction. This story can be found online as a japanesse song: kagome kagome which translates to circle you, circle you. Also if you go on to www.creepypasta.com or google kagome kagome creepypasta you will find this story. This is about a girl named Helita in a Japanesse orphanage....enjoy!


16. The Black Haired Boy Is Planning To Hex The Orphanage!


Today wasn’t normal because it was annoying; today I tried to hit Teiru because his eyes were shadows which meant that he would have the weird eye infection...a weird eye guy if you will. The Nazis were looking around in the play room, the weird Nazi girl was staring at me but she didn’t notice Teiru because he was a forest child and not a lot of people saw the forest children, I didn’t know why. Teiru asked if I could ask some of the children if they could see him and I told him that I don’t like talking to people so he said ok but he would still like me to try. But I still didn’t try because if I had to talk to the children in the orphanage, I would need to talk to the weird eye girl. Teiru ran in the middle of the room and began to shout because he wanted people’s attention and he said this ‘everyone that can hear me raise your hand’ I raised my hand because I could hear him 6 six other children raised their hands slower than others, some tried to make it look like they were yawning but I could tell they were raising their hand. Afterwards I asked him why he did it and he didn’t answer so I thought he wasn’t listening so I tried to hit him again and I got angry because I still couldn’t hit him because he was a forest child and I can’t hit forest children. After dinner when we had sushi Teiru’s was holding something...something weird looking. I asked him to show it to me but he didn’t until I began to try and hit him. He said he would show it to me in a place quiet, I said the bathroom before I noticed he’d have to go in the girl’s bathroom. He said he didn’t mind because no one could see him anyway so we went in to a stall together but it wasn’t that cramped. He showed me what he had in his hands and it was glowing and floating, it was a red colour that looked really weird, on it was a star and he said that type is called star of David and he told me that it was a hex, usually hex’s would be used to curse a place but he said that this hex was used to take off a spell because if he didn’t he would soon disappear into a shadow like the rest of the forest children. He told me if he did it then all the forest children would be allowed to play in the Orphanage and I was fine with that, I told him I was sleepy and I needed to go to bed and now I’am lying in my sleeping bag to try and sleep, good night diary

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