Kagome, Kagome

This is a diary story about an area in Japan during WW2. It is a true story of what happened to the children but I'am writing a diary 1st person perspective which is fiction. This story can be found online as a japanesse song: kagome kagome which translates to circle you, circle you. Also if you go on to www.creepypasta.com or google kagome kagome creepypasta you will find this story. This is about a girl named Helita in a Japanesse orphanage....enjoy!


11. Stop Talking To Me, I Don't Like You!


Today I didn’t wake up until 7am but that’s bad because I usually wake up at 6am but I only know that because the Nazis put a clock in our play room but I didn’t like it when it made noises at night because it disturbed my sleep. The little boy with the black hair came up to me again, he acting like I was his friend or something! I said that I didn’t like him but he said that he liked me because I always quiet which meant that I didn’t have a lot of friends so he was being friendly to me. And I told him that my sketch book was my friend and he said that, that my book wasn’t a proper friend and I nearly punched him but I didn’t because the blonde lady told me I shouldn’t punch people because then they will get angry at me. I was close to punching him though and he leaned back because he thought I was going to punch him. And he walked away after that and I was happy again and I started drawing people in the sketch book that the blonde lady gave me. I drew the orphanage I drew a few children I hadn’t drawn before. And I even drew a few of the Nazis but then it was dinner and we had tomato soup and I liked it but it was too warm so I didn’t like that bit. The black haired boy asked if he could see my drawings and I said no but he got upset over that I told him to stop and he did and I was happy that he listened to me. I still don’t like the blonde hair boy though. Right now they are not playing kagome, kagome like last time... I think everyone is asleep. Bye, bye diary.

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