Kagome, Kagome

This is a diary story about an area in Japan during WW2. It is a true story of what happened to the children but I'am writing a diary 1st person perspective which is fiction. This story can be found online as a japanesse song: kagome kagome which translates to circle you, circle you. Also if you go on to www.creepypasta.com or google kagome kagome creepypasta you will find this story. This is about a girl named Helita in a Japanesse orphanage....enjoy!


7. Note To Self: Don't Get Lost EVER Again


Dear diary: I didn’t like today, because I didn’t find the play room I ended falling asleep in the middle of the hall way and when I woke up I was lying in a bed room with 3 children with covers tightly wrapped around my body and I felt uncomfortable and hungry. There was only 1 person I remembered and that was the kid that hit me a few days ago and I started crying, do you remember, diary? I became scared because I don’t like a lot of new things unless I’am with the blonde lady so she can tell me if it’s safe. I ran away from the room to the play room that was across the hall and I knew it was the play room because it’s the only room with a red door I saw that a few more children were missing from the playroom, not because some children that got to keep their rooms were asleep. I had done the math in my head and 4 children went missing this time. But the blonde lady was in the play room and when she saw me she let out a sigh and tried to hug me and nearly hit her but I didn’t., I scanned the room for the people that were missing one by one. I hadn’t drawn 3 of the children that disappeared in my note book but the one that I drew was playing a popular game around the orphanage called circle you, circle you. The children played it when I turned 5, I didn’t like it. A boy with a scar grabbed my arm and I screamed and he threw me in with the other children and it was scary because they made growling noises at me and I didn’t like it. The children returned for dinner, I drew the 3 that I hadn’t drawn after that so I didn’t miss anyone out, I drew the 2 girls that were taken in on the same page, they both had broken limbs and a neck that wouldn’t hold their heads so it flopped to the side. This one was slightly different though because it seemed even though I drew them for fun these one made me scared and I kept on staring at them and they put their head to side in unison no matter what they were doing, when I stared at them, they stared back always leaning their head to side. And right now their playing it...their playing circle you, circle you with the blonde lady, she is crying but she isn’t doing anything, good night diary, It looks like I won’t have one...

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