Kagome, Kagome

This is a diary story about an area in Japan during WW2. It is a true story of what happened to the children but I'am writing a diary 1st person perspective which is fiction. This story can be found online as a japanesse song: kagome kagome which translates to circle you, circle you. Also if you go on to www.creepypasta.com or google kagome kagome creepypasta you will find this story. This is about a girl named Helita in a Japanesse orphanage....enjoy!


12. I Felt Guilty For That Boy


Today was nice; it wasn’t completely good though because I noticed that there was 1 weird eye girl still left so that meant that I was still scared of getting infected. I hoped she wouldn’t go a rampage like the last one. It was no doubt that the one that was still left was infected by the last one. The blonde lady was with me most the day but the boy with the black hair came up to me and asked for my name and I said I wasn’t telling him my name because then he’d tell me his name and I don’t like to remember names. The blonde lady told him my name though and I hit her, then the boy with the black hair said his name was Teiru which was mostly a girl’s name so I laughed and he got angry at me. He asked to see my drawings again today and I said no then he asked to see my diary and I nearly hit him like yesterday but I didn’t then I told him that whatever was in my diary was meant to be secret so he left me alone and he started playing in the small sand box by himself I started to feel a weird feeling in my chest and I didn’t like it because it hurt my chest and the blonde lady told me that it was because I felt guilty but I hadn’t don’t anything really bad so I didn’t understand why I felt guilt. So I asked the blonde lady what I could do to make it stop because I didn’t like the feeling. And she told me to go play with the boy to make it stop and I declined because I didn’t like that boy so I was going to do anything I could to get away from him but the blonde lady told me to at least sit next to him, I dint need to talk to him or anything just sit there and be nice to him. So I slowly shuffled towards him and I saw a smile appear on his face and then I realized that I hadn’t dawn him in my note book so I took out my note book from my kimono and started drawing. I drew him with shaggy black hair that shined, I drew him outside. Playing with the forest children and he was having fun but he had a few scars on him including one that went right up his tummy. The blonde lady just said that their turning off the lights, sorry I couldn’t finish today’s entry, good night dia

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