Kagome, Kagome

This is a diary story about an area in Japan during WW2. It is a true story of what happened to the children but I'am writing a diary 1st person perspective which is fiction. This story can be found online as a japanesse song: kagome kagome which translates to circle you, circle you. Also if you go on to www.creepypasta.com or google kagome kagome creepypasta you will find this story. This is about a girl named Helita in a Japanesse orphanage....enjoy!


1. Hi My Name Is Helita


Dear diary: This is the first time I’ve done a dairy, it’s meant to help with stress and other problems. I don’t know the date of my birthday but the nice blonde lady keeps reminding me how many days it’s in. Today she told me it was 8 days from now, I’am 7 at the moment. Its hard being in this orphanage knowing a war is going on outside the walls the blonde lady told me that we work on the same side as Germany and the Americans are the really bad people. I don’t know much that goes on outside these walls I know that I live in a town near Hiroshima in Japan and I know that Americans are bad people but apart from that I don’t know anything. In this orphanage there is 31 children, I only know 2 of the children that sleep in the same room as me. And they are called Tasbaki and Karin, I wouldn’t call them friends because they don’t play with me when I want to play with someone and they don’t talk to me a lot, the only person that talks to me is the blonde  lady, she told me she was 31 and it was funny because that’s how many children there are in the orphanage, she tells me most of what I want to know. Yesterday I asked her why I don’t have a mother or father, she said that I did but they weren’t with me at the moment and I asked her why I was in an orphanage then and she told me that it was because I had a thing in my brain that made me different so my mummy gave me to the orphanage, the way she said it made it sound nicer than it was and that made me happy. Not a lot happened today so I don’t really know what else to say about my life if anything significant happens I’ll tell the dairy.

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