The Day I Met You (Josh Hutcherson Love Story)

Cassie, A normal girl with a normal life had a car accident. Josh Hutcherson hit her with his car. Cassie lost her memory for a while and she couldn´t remember who he was. And that was the day they met. Josh thinks it´s destiny Cassie thinks it´s casuality but what they both know is that nothing is bigger than the love they feel for each other. This book gets better each chapter ;D
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9. Chapter 9


Josh POV


I went to Cassie´s house this morning and she was coming to the airport with me. When I was about to get into the plane I got out the 2 tickets and told her.

-Cassie would you like to come to NY with me? I´ll do some filming  and 2 interviews. Pleeeeeaaase?


She said

-I´d love to go but I don´t have...

-Don´t worry your parents are sending it on another plane tomorrow.

She was smiling and she looked really happy. I can´t wait. I had her passport in case she said yes and she did!


-Ok let´s go.

We entered the plane and it was a first class plane. She was really amazed. Wow she was moving the seats and the curtains and everything. I was about to laugh. But luckily I contained myself.

The airhostess offered us some snack and Cassie ordered some coke and a sandwitch and I ordered some juice and a hamburger. It wasn´t like kentucky´s style not at all.



Cassie POV


Josh really surprised me with the airplane tickets thing. I am really excited to go to NY. The airplane is 1st class and its so cool. I mean the seats have massage options and they have a menu. Included sushi, Hamburger and sandwitches and some expensve stuff I don´t really know. Josh is gonna have 2 interviews and some filming on the empire state so tomorrow the interviews and then the filming.Then we can go to some tours etc. Josh was really happy and so was I. 


Josh POV

We are staying at a luxury hotel. The James Hotel. We are staying on separate rooms. Mine has a gigant TV just as I like it and Cassie´s has a balcony. As she likes it. She was really impressed with all the things on her room, specially the service phone. She ordered tons of stuff. 

I am filming tomorrow morning. The interview is today in one hour. I started getting ready. Brushing my teeth and practicing my smile on the mirror. 

30 minutes before, Cassie and I went into a limo. She was still amazed with all the luxury.  I was laughing because she was playing with the windows. Later we got to the studio.

-Cassie would you like to have the interview with me?

-Well... uuum ... OK.

the interview started and people started asking me questions about the hunger games movie. They asked Cassie if she was my girlfriend.


she said.


I said.  

-She is a good friend.

- Oh ok

The lady said.

When the interview ended We were going to have another interview. We got to the studio and the interview was about journey 2 The misterious Island. The same thing. 

Finally we can visit times square. Cassie said. We went into the limo and had a walk in times square. I bought her an icecream. 

We were in the middle of times square when I thought. This could be the only chance I can have to ask her. I took her hands and looked at her in the eyes.


-Cassie I´ve known you for a long time and I like you a lot and I would love to know if you would like to be my girlfriend...


Cassie POV


We got to the hotel and my room had a balcony. I like it because I can see the whole city from here. I love everything is so perfect. There are 100 bathing scents. All of them smell deliscious. I have my own fridge. WOW. I have my own TV. And the best of all is the service phone. I can order anything. From a snack to a car. I need to admit it is my favorite.

We went to the interviews. In a LIMO! it had a phone and a TV and cool windows. I don´t know why josh was laughing. When we got to the interview Josh suddenly asked me if I wanted to be with him. It was a bit akward because the lady asked me if I was his girlfriend. We both said no. It was all about the hunger games and she asked me questions too. The other interview was about the misterious Island Journey 2 and the same thing happened. 


After that we went to times square and bought icecream then right at the middle of times squared Josh took my hands and looked me in the eyes and said. 

-Cassie I´ve known you for a long time and I like you a lot and I would love to know if you would like to be my girlfriend....

-OMG Josh you are full of surprises. But yes I´ve been waiting for you to say it!

The persons in there were cheering and screaming. This was the happiest day ever!


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