The Day I Met You (Josh Hutcherson Love Story)

Cassie, A normal girl with a normal life had a car accident. Josh Hutcherson hit her with his car. Cassie lost her memory for a while and she couldn´t remember who he was. And that was the day they met. Josh thinks it´s destiny Cassie thinks it´s casuality but what they both know is that nothing is bigger than the love they feel for each other. This book gets better each chapter ;D
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8. Chapter 8


23 march 2012


Josh POV

I woke up today had breakast and then headed to Cassie´s house. She was still asleep. It´s friday and I can´t wait. Today I am taking her to the premiere of the hunger games. Her mom was making her breakfast in the kitchen.

-She will be here in a minute Josh.

Her mom said.


I answered. I was sitting in the kitchen and Cassie entered the room.


she said and turned around and left. She was still in Pijamas.


Several minutes passed and she came back. She had breakfast and then I told her.

-Why are you so serious?

-No reason.

She answered.

-Then be happy and get ready to go to the premiere of THE HUNGER GAMES!!!.

She smiled and her face lighted up.


She said.




Cassie POV

I woke up and my mom told me breakfast was ready. I went downstairs and Josh was there. I came back to my room because I was still in pijamas.


Josh laughed.Very funny. I got dressed in my normal clothes and then went for my breakfast. Then he asked my why I was so serious. I had no reason. And then surprised me with tickets for the hunger games premiere. I am really excited. 



Josh POV

We enterered the movie. I´ve seen it before and it´s really good. When the movie ended. We went out from a secret exit and noone saw us. But right before we got into my car a bunch of fans were over us. Taking photos and asking me for autographs. I of course couldn´t say no. So after 1 hour Cassie and I left.


When we got to her house we talked and played some wii. She plays really good. I like her. I really like her and I already told her by accident. Haha. I want to tell her If she would like to be my girlfriend I just can´t find the perfect moment.



Cassie POV

It would all have been perfect if it wasn´t for the fans. I like Josh and I know he knows and he likes me too. It just bothers me that he haven´t told me anything.  


Josh POV

I am going to NY for next week and I would like Cassie to come with me. I will surprise her. ;D


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