The Day I Met You (Josh Hutcherson Love Story)

Cassie, A normal girl with a normal life had a car accident. Josh Hutcherson hit her with his car. Cassie lost her memory for a while and she couldn´t remember who he was. And that was the day they met. Josh thinks it´s destiny Cassie thinks it´s casuality but what they both know is that nothing is bigger than the love they feel for each other. This book gets better each chapter ;D
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38. Chapter 38


Casssie POV


-Oh You are surprised.

-No i´m not I just can´t believe how you can sometimes be so stupid. 

I said. She cocked her head ignorantly. 

-I understand Myself.

I said. Obviously she doesent know about my earrings. They aren´t normal earrings. They have a special function. They are chips that can be tracked from a long disance. luckily I have them on. It suddenly went on, they were looking for me. I knew it was on because of the beeping sound it made. Too low only I could hear it. 



Michaela said.


I said. I´m not afraid of her. I mean what can she do. And in minutes the police was supposed to be there. But they weren´t.

Michaela Called them and using a voice distorsion machine she told them that if they came she would kill me. She gave me the phone and told me Josh wanted to talk to me.


-Yes Josh don´t worry i´m ok. It´s Just Micha.....

I felt a great impact in the right side of my head and I screamed. I fell to the floor. Iw as still tied in a chair. And I could hear Josh panicked. I saw the phone but I couldn´t take it. All I could see was Michaela took the phone and hanged up. My earing wasn´t beeping anymore. It was of. 

-We have to move.

She said

-The call could have been tracked.


Josh POV

I heard Cassie screaming and I heard a loud noise. It must have been her falling. 


no response but the beep that means the call is over. 

-Oh No, What have I don? How are we telling her parents about her being kidnapped by crazy fans?

Cassie´s face was everywhere. On the tv, On the newspaper. They were looking for her. And also we tried tracking her special earings but we lost signal the moment the call ended. 

When I called her parents they came quickly and her mother was uncontrollable. She was crying. 

-It´s not your fault Josh.

She said between sobs.

-It is and now I have to find her.

We can´t continue with the movie and the wedding plans because Cassie is not here. Now what am I supposed to do. The agents told me I could go home and rest a little. Rest? without Cassie. There was nothing else I could do.

The next morning The agents Called me. Last night they recieved a Call and they told me it was tracked. to an old building.


Cassie POV

-Why are you doing this michaela?

-If I can´t have Josh, no one will. 

-But can´t you find some one who likes you back.

-He´s dead so the only thing I have left is him. We were a nice couple until you came.

-No that´s not true. You were so obsessed with him that you decided to ruin US.


She said in a tone I hated. And that was the last thing she said. When she left the room I tried to break ropes tied to my hands and finally  released myself after a long time. It was dark  so I opened the door nd left. Easy. I won´t say it was Michaela. I thought. They won´t believe me. I realized I was in an abandoned building. Lost. It was a tall building because when I looked out the window I saw the passing cars like ants. I looked for stairs and I noticed two people coming my way. I opened a door and entered. I founf myself in an office. Old and affected by time. Some parts were burned. This building is abanndoned because it burned. I heard footsteps and I hid under a desk. I heard the door of the room I was in before open and I hear screaming. 


And then I had an idea. Maybe I could fix that earring. I took it off. My head still hurt since Michaela hit me. I tried fixing it. It was my only hope. I opened it and saw a mini chip. A cable was missing. So I took it from the telephone. It was old but it worked. this might tell them exactly where I am. I stood up. Closed the door with the lock and went to hide in a corner behind a desk. I got the earring near to my ear and I heard nothing. No beep. ........... I waited........... No beep. Then........Beep..........beep......beep.....beep.....beep. Yes it worked. 5 minutes later I heard the ones looking for me were near. Then I heard they were trying to open the door. Since they couldn´t they started kicking it and it was so old it was breaking easily.


I heard Michaela scream from the other room. I don´t want them to keep me here any longer.

Please don´t let them in god Please don´t let them find me.


Josh POV

Cassie Must be in real danger. It´s all my fault. I was crying. I might never see her again. I was with the agents in a computer waiting for the signal of her earrings. and nothing. 

-It´s over.

One of them said.

-Looks like we´re never going to find her.

The other one said.

-WHAT!?! I said. You should not give up. NEVER. 

I said. And then I saw a red dot in the screen.


One of them said


Immediately we called the police and I went with them.

I hope it´s not too late.


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