The Day I Met You (Josh Hutcherson Love Story)

Cassie, A normal girl with a normal life had a car accident. Josh Hutcherson hit her with his car. Cassie lost her memory for a while and she couldn´t remember who he was. And that was the day they met. Josh thinks it´s destiny Cassie thinks it´s casuality but what they both know is that nothing is bigger than the love they feel for each other. This book gets better each chapter ;D
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31. Chapter 31


Cassie POV

-Hey Cassie.

Said Michela.

 -Hey michaela, hey Jennifer

- Hi it´s nice to finally meet Josh girlfriend.

Jennifer said


I think I misunderstood. But Josh still thought there was something between us. I like kim But we are not officially boyfriend girlfriend. since the accident, Josh´s. We haven´t talked about it. I´m ok with just friends. Best friends. 

- Oh no no we are just friends. Best friends. 

-Ok I get it. He told me you were his girlfriend. But that was months ago. 

Jennifer said

-things happen.

 I said.. Michaela was in the kitchen making coffe. 

-I don´t like her.

said Jen

-me neither. She´s weird and has this obsession with Josh. 

I answered. We laughed a bit. 

-Be careful, This girl is crazy and dangerous. 

I warned Jennifer. 


After that Josh and alexander, who got casted too, came in and we talked a bit. But later I had to kick them put. 


And they left scared. Jen and michaela were laughing. I did laugh too. The rules are the rules but they say they were made to be broken.

We went to bed. 

-Good night!

Said Jennifer

-good night

Michaela and said.



Josh POV

I really love Cassie and I am sure I want to marry her. I went on looking for a ring and some paparazzi started chasing me so I decided I would go chage so they wouldn´t recognize me.

- Can I see that one please.

The lady took it out of the box. I liked it. I loved it it was beautiful. A 2 cm diamond and other 6 smaller diamonds surrounded it. 

-I´ll take it.

-But sir don´t you want to know the cost. 

-No, here´s my credit card.

The lady took it and scanned it. 

She carefully took the ring and placed it in a red velvet box. And handed it to me. I thanked her and I went to the set. Tomorrow is Cassie´s 17th birthday and I want to surprise her. But first I need to know if she wants to be my girlfriend. 



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