The Day I Met You (Josh Hutcherson Love Story)

Cassie, A normal girl with a normal life had a car accident. Josh Hutcherson hit her with his car. Cassie lost her memory for a while and she couldn´t remember who he was. And that was the day they met. Josh thinks it´s destiny Cassie thinks it´s casuality but what they both know is that nothing is bigger than the love they feel for each other. This book gets better each chapter ;D
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24. Chapter 24


Josh POV

Cassie was taking a long time so the guide and I decided to go and look for her. We couldn´t find her. Where was she? We decided to go back. 

It was getting dark and she hadn´t come back. Then I noticed she left her backpack. I wonder if she was home already. In the mountain our phones have no reception.  I called her home but she wasn´t there. I told her parents and they called the police. 


I panicked

I can´t loose her again. I was about to propose marriage to her. 


The mountains are really dangerous at night. I hope she didn´t move during the night because if she goes into the uknown parts of the mountain we might not be able to find her. 


- Any news?

I ask the policeman standing in front of me. Talking by a radio and taking a bite out of a krispy kreme.      

-We can´t risk our team. We can´t enter the mountain at night. 

-Is there anything else I can do?

I asked worried.

- I don´t think so. Maybe you should go home and rest a little. I know it´s been a hard day. He offered me a dounut but I was not hungry and I had no time to eat. Cassie wasn´t safe. I had to find her.


Cassie POV


When I opened my eyes I noticed I had fallen asleep for at least 5 hours. And I realized I was lost! 

-GREAT! My worst nightmare was becoming true. Again. Well actually my worst nightmare would be loosing Josh. And I thought I did. Luckily I didn´t. 

I was talking to myself. OH GOD I was thirsty. And Hungry. And lost. And I started to panick.

What if I have to pass here the night. With all those animals around me. Like last time. No I shoudln´t. I must walk and try to find a way out of here!  I walked and walked for hours. It was about 9:00 now. Josh had my backpack so I literally had nothing. I realized I was going to have to spend the night on a tree or something like Katniss in The Hunger Games.  I tried climbing a tree but I just couldn´t. I am SO not Katniss. I walked what seemed hours and were really minutes. Until I fell from a cliff.





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