The Day I Met You (Josh Hutcherson Love Story)

Cassie, A normal girl with a normal life had a car accident. Josh Hutcherson hit her with his car. Cassie lost her memory for a while and she couldn´t remember who he was. And that was the day they met. Josh thinks it´s destiny Cassie thinks it´s casuality but what they both know is that nothing is bigger than the love they feel for each other. This book gets better each chapter ;D
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2. Chapter 2


 Josh POV

She opened her eyes. she looked so beautiful.

-Hello Beautuiful.

I said.

-Do I know you?

She said.


I smiled.

-I gotta tell your parents you are okay.

-Wha... Where am I?

She asked confused.

-You are in a hospital.

I said.


She asked again.

-Because you were in an accident.

I was getting teary. She did not have a clue.

-I hit you with my car.

A tear went down my cheek. She was confused She was trying to get up but I wouldn´t let her.

-NO! please don´t get up.

A nurse entered the room.

-Is everything ok?

-Sure I answered. Can you please call her parents.

-Sure the nurse said.

Her parents entered the room and I left.


Cassie´s POV


I woke up and a stranger was in front o me. He was saying something about an accident and me being in the hospital. I freaked out and tried to get up but he wouldn´t let me. I had tubes on my nose and tubes on my arm and a machine that meashures your heart beat all connected to me. I got the nose tubes out and the heart beat cables. The nurse came in and asked if everything was allright. I can´t remember lot´s of things my mind was blurry I don´t know if I should believe this because I don´t remember the accident. But the boy said


And told her to call my parents. They entered the room and he left.

-Who was he?

I asked.

-It´s not his fault.

My mother said.

-But don´t worry.

My father said.

-This is only for some time you´ll be allright later.

Later........ and those words echoed in my head. Later........ You´ll be allright later.....

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