Please wait UP UP UP AND AWAY!

Here is something I wouldn't mind saying when I am upset The story is so stupid.


1. I am late for the BUS!

Just cant believe i got ready on time and i left late, by the time i get to the bus stop the bus had gone i was running like MAD, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, (WHICH I FELT TRIED ) i feel like bus driver just couldnt wait it was early.I didnt want to reached to school with answer,then i got a  detention YOU KNOW THAT YOU DATIFFINETLY IN THE WRONG, i dont think i could face that.

By the time you get to school and they ask you WHY ARE YOU LATE?( because  the bus came early and i missed it) THEY would say that is not a GOOD ENOUGH REASON,Then i say in my mind ( i have just cost my self)( WELL DONE)

Now thinking i have to turn up to this detention not my style right REALLY why teacher couldnt do that for me. They would just tell you it is your falut your late and then you just want to tell them the bus had been early. Where i couldnt see the bus right out my house( which it is 2 minutes away for the house). And then they would be telling you that OH you should have been time, they wont care if you got run over.......... ( I am sure thats not true) A valueable reason why you are late. They would tell you, leave on time, so shall i left half an hour to please you lot( I dont THINK so) And would you believe that bus driver was watching me run (A FOOL!) He just kept on driving and couldnt stop. My heart was at my mouth. And would the teachers believe you (NO).

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