Assasins- Lady Red Hood

If a wolf ate your grandmother would you emerge skipping? No you would be scarred for life and so would any one who crossed you. Red didn't didn't skip to start with. Find out the truth about your idols.


1. Briefing - Red Hood

My  mother stared at me intently.  Her deep green eyes boring into my very soul. I am Red or as I have been named Red Hood. I am am assasin. All you see before your death is a swish of a red cape. I am the prodigy of Lilian Swifts School for assasins. The head teacher is my mother and when she dies ( of natural causes of course) I will take over.The mission today should be simple. My grandmother (Lillian Swift herself) is ill.  All I have to do is protect her from other assassins. Rogues or worse.

A storm is coming, an unauthorised  group are growing in numbers. they do not have our morals, our beliefs. But they are not low level mercenaries, they are dangerous. Lead by a student expelled from the academy in his last year for killing innocents who had never seen him nor wronged against him. If he were older he would have been killed. We are assassins but we have morals. The first rule is to protect your brethren, the second harm no innocents intentionally.

Any way back to the mission Lilian still controls a large amount of our missions she approves them against our rules. To kill her would not be a barb in our side but a knife (swords should not be used nor specialist knives,way too obvious) in our heart. My mother gave me a basket, at first glance it just has a picnic lunch but flick a lever smaller than your thumbnail and you have every weapon you could need. Including a collapsible bow and arrows. 

Wait. One more thing you should know my real name is Scarlett Swift. Please,do not laugh. Any way I don my red cloak let loose my flowing red locks and I'm off.

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