Lana is unsociable but when a boy appears at her school, he makes her feel uneasy.


2. Unwated wake-up call.

“Lana, get up.” A tall, well built up man entered my room, his bark coloured hair cut short and spiked up. I let out a groan. “Go away Brandon.” I rolled onto my side and opened one of my eyes slightly. I let out a little noise that meant ‘what the...’ Because lying next to me was Haden, his dark hair came down to his jaw bone, his maple coloured eyes seemed to stare into my soul, his grin was unnerving and I didn’t like how he could be so happy so early in the morning.


“Why are you in my bed?” Haden is my twin brother and although we like most of the same things, I didn’t like him sharing my bed. “I had a nightmare.” He shrugged as if it was normal for an 18 year old boy to climb into his sister’s bed when he had a nightmare. “Your eighteen, grow a pair.” He chuckled and swung his arms around me giving me a cuddle. “Oh I just love you too much to let you go!” I struggled to get out of his grip. “Haden, get off! Unless you’re going to have that attitude about me going to school?” Brandon shook his head. “Nope you’re going to school.” Brandon was 21 and the oldest and was mine and Haden’s legal guardian.


“Why would I need to keep you from school, we have classes together.” He finally released me, this was how Haden was, he acted like my best friend, but tried to get under my skin like any normal brother.

“Right come on guys. I need to get you to school I have uh....” Brandon couldn’t find the right word; he rolled his hand in the air. “Work?” I offered the logical answer. “Yeah that... I have work.” I shook my head, I had no intention of getting up five minutes ago now I did, I didn’t want him to get fired because of me. “Well if you want me to get ready, you have to go.” I sat up in my bed and gestured towards the door. Haden rolled across the bed, right over me and onto the floor. “Fine. Since you don’t want to skip today.” He teased, I made a face at him and he returned with a pathetic attempt of beating me by sticking out his tongue. “So childish.” I tutted. “You started it.” Brandon pushed him out the door and went to close it when he leaned against the door frame. “Oh and one more thing... Happy Birthday.”


No wonder they were so happy today, they loved when my birthday came around. I had completely forgotten about my birthday. Some people think when I say me and Haden are twins our birthdays must be on the same day, well they are wrong. Haden was born one side of the 12 and I was born after, so he is older and doesn’t let me forget it. I got him a watch for his birthday and ‘apparently’ he loved it, to be honest I don’t see why he likes watches, I personally think he just like shiny things, like a magpie, I get him anything shiny.


I put on baggy white vest top and skinny dark blue jeans. I put my white pumps on and twisted my dark hair up into a crocodile clip. I let out a sigh and headed downstairs.

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