Lana is unsociable but when a boy appears at her school, he makes her feel uneasy.


3. Three Presents.

When I got into the kitchen there were three presents piled on the table, each wrapped in red wrapping paper. A plate heaped with pancakes and chocolate sauce and strawberries was placed at my space at the breakfast bar. I laughed as my brothers set off party poppers when I entered; they had hung up happy birthday banners and streamers. “You guys didn’t have to go through so much trouble.”

“What’s the fun in that, you are our only sister and should be treated on your special day.” Haden guided me to the table and sat me down. “It was your birthday yesterday, you didn’t get this much fuss.”


I felt guilty, Haden didn’t get all this yesterday for his birthday. It was the same most years, they made my birthday a big event with cake, banners, presents the whole lot like what mum used to do, but they didn’t have any for theirs. When I tried they wouldn’t let me. It was hard enough to get them a present without them protesting.

“It doesn’t matter; I don’t care about my birthday, yours is much better to celebrate.” I could feel my cheeks blushing, my brothers could be so uptight but when it came to my birthday they loosened up and weren’t so protective and worried about my safety.

I took a bite into a pancake and Brandon pushed a present in front of me. “Here, I think you will like it.” I grinned tearing into the small present. There was a small black velvet box and I couldn’t believe it. “You didn’t.” He beamed and bobbed his head towards the box.

I opened and saw the silver bracelet I was looking at the other day.  It was chained together by small ringlets and had a faint white gold mixed into the silver in swirls. “I love it! But it cost a fortune. You have to take it back.” I went to hand it to him but he refused. “We have the money and you need a new one.” I rubbed my bare wrist; I lost my other one while we were moving this year. He took my wrist and put it on. “See it’s lovely.” I hugged my brother, I wish they hadn’t done this, I knew how much the bracelet cost and it was way too much for me.


Haden passed me another present this time slightly bigger. “Please no more.” I was happy with one thing. “Open it.” Haden insisted. I opened the paper and saw a flat screen T.V box. “Ok guys next year, I want nothing.”

“I will install it later.” Brandon inserted turning it to face him. “Can’t be that hard, can it?” I chuckled, out of all of his strengths installing and fixing things wasn’t a strong area in Brandon’s life.


Haden slid the last gift towards me. I was tired of not accepting them at this point, in one way or another I had to keep them there was no way they would let me return them. It was a mobile phone; it was already charged and had Brandon and Haden’s numbers in it. “Thanks for everything. I love it all.” They smiled, knowing their job as big brother had been fulfilled.

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