Lana is unsociable but when a boy appears at her school, he makes her feel uneasy.


7. Gardening.


It was a long day and by the end I was exhausted. Everything hurt, my feet, my back even my eyes. We had to walk home because Brandon was at work, so we walked with Conner.  All the houses looked the same, they were white with purple flowers in front of them on a small dirt mound, and a small bush sat in the corner of each garden. That was repeated the whole way home. It was boring to look at. Conner and Haden were engaged in talking while I just walked like a fool, oblivious to what they were saying. I kept looking behind me, there was no one walking behind us we were some of the last out of school as the boys had to talk about their pizza delivery.


The sun kept blinding me and I stumbled off the curb and onto the road. “Lana!” Haden pulled me onto the path. “You trying to get yourself killed?” He joked but it had a serious vibe to it. “No I just got blinded by the sun.” I rubbed my eyes and looked behind me. I saw a two blurred shadows run behind a hedge. “Did you see that?” I looked confused, maybe it was just my eyes but I swear I saw something. “One minute.” I headed back down the street, Haden and Conner ran to catch me up. “What’s wrong?” Haden put his hand on my shoulder and gripped it; his protective side was beginning to show again. “I think I saw something.”


I turned down into the alley behind the hedge, but done it cautiously. I didn’t feel scared when I realised it was just the new kid. What made it uncomfortable was that he was kissing a girl he had backed up towards the hedge. I felt a blush run over my face and I turned around. My brother and Conner on the other hand decided to have some fun, they let out wolf whistles. “Get in there!” Haden roared and I slapped him on the shoulder. “What?” He looked at me, confusion lined his eyes. Carlos looked up and let out a smirk before continuing to kiss her. I looked at her wrist and it had the same tattoo. Maybe they were part of some gang? Apart from hers had a white stripe in the middle. I thought we were imposing on their privacy so I decided to pull my brother and Conner away and towards the house.


I sat outside the house in the sun, it was hot and I decided to plant some new flowers. I went into the garage and got out flowers, pink, blue, yellow, reds all colours. I got my trowel and gloves and went to the front fence to start digging. I dug a small hole and separated the flowers and sat some pink flowers in the hole and covered them up. I waved to Haden as he left for his football practise leaving me alone to work on the garden. I loved being in the garden, I have a green thumb, I can grow anything. I spent an hour digging holes and placing flowers into them until I got an urge. I ran inside got my paper and sat beside the bush.


 I began scribbling down words, describing what I saw flashing in my mind. I saw smoke lots of it. My brothers fighting with men, sending them flying in the air without touching them. Glass shattered and there were screams. Then I saw me standing beside Carlos and everything went blank.


I fell to the ground unconscious, unsure what had just happen. I got rushes like this every so often, they were like the ones in history apart from they just helped me write good stories. I lay facing the sky looking at nothing. I took deep breaths trying to calm myself. I looked round at my house and I swear I saw something standing on the roof. I blinked rubbing my eyes. “Lana you are going crazy.” I got up and went into the house for some rest. 

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