Lana is unsociable but when a boy appears at her school, he makes her feel uneasy.


1. About me.

So here’s how my life has been for the last 18 years. I moved town a lot when I was little, still do now, but I didn’t mind. I keep to myself and learned not to get too close to anyone. My mother died in a tragic accident three years ago, my brothers wouldn’t tell me what happened, I never knew my father. Haden and Brandon have always looked out for me, they are my only true friends, they are also my brothers. I found it hard making friends at school, people just didn’t like me. My brothers always told me ‘screw them, all you need in life are us’, and I agree.

Teachers told me I would get nowhere in life, who were they to say that? My mother always said ‘Honey you can be what you want, when you want, you were born to be great.’ I miss her a lot; she was always so elegant, beautiful and saw the good in everything and everyone, I am nothing like her. Her hair was always perfect, She never used any products it just lied right for her, I wish mine would, mines like a fuzzy toilet brush.

I was now 18 though, and my last month at school. A school I had been going to for around about two months. I don’t know why I even bothered going to school, I hardly learn anything, and I think the longest I have been at a high school was for 2 years. I think you have an outline of what my life is like now, most of you would trade it for a normal life where you live in one place, but I wouldn’t. I love moving about seeing lots of new places, new houses. Sure I would love it more if my mum was still alive, but my brothers tried to offer me everything I could ever want, and I loved them for that.

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