Destiny has a passion for shopping, it gives her a happy feeling. Nothing else will overtake shopping. With no job, how will she manage to buy more clothes?


1. How dare you?

As I arrived at the television arena, ready to do my daily financial news. I have always loved my job, just getting to hear about the circumstances that some people are in - you hear about alcoholics, shopaholic. Just to acknowledge half of the people in financial dilemas really does touch your sole. Anyway, when I arrived on set, my usual hair and make up stylist arrived in a panic. This wasn't surprising at all as she tend to have a record of turning up late! 

"On air in 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1..." yells a voice from behind the camera. Panicking I ran into the sofa at the back of the room ready for my financial sector. After a while of Chloe- the presenter - talking, the camera soon switched to me, beginning with the traditional music.

"Hello, I'm Destiny Lucas, here today with your financial news. As always, I will accept you phone calls for any financial matters," I begin, but I am soon interrupted by the ringing of the phone next to me - hardly anyone rings in, "hello, your now on air.

"I haven't actually got a matter I need to discus with you Destiny, but I am not a fan of this television programme for one reason, you. That may seem harsh, but I'm telling you the truth. I don't understand how your giving financial advice, when your in the worst dept that anyone could be in!" a customer yells down the phone. My heart broke, there and then, I could literally feel it cracking inside.

"That's all for now guys, we will be back after the break for the weather and breaking news, thank you, goodbye for now," said Chloe in her posh voice and then once again the traditional music began once again. I felt like running home, never seeing anyone ever again, just having a life on my own. But I knew that I had to face my backgrounds, so I approached Helen Clifford, the manager. Her facial expressions did not look pleasing and I now regretted approaching her.

"What happened out there on stage was appaling, i don't know what the hell has happened to you! If what she said was true, then I am disgusted. Sorry, but without futher comments, I would like you to return back to the dressing room, collect you old bag and get out of here." Helen yelled, attracting a few eyes. I felt distraught for two reasons, one, how dare she call my bag cheap! And two, did she honestly just say I was out?


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