My Side

My Side is a story about a severe bullying case (for which the characters are unnamed) about a boy who has lost loads and gets the micky taken out of him for it by another lad who has problems of his own.

This is a 2 story book and the first intro is for the first book and the second intro is for the second.

Being a Victim:
This side is told through the eyes of a victimised child with only his instrument for company.

Why I Did It:
This side is told through the eyes of a lad who has problems at home and makes up for them by his bullying at school.


10. What I Do At Home

When I got in I said hello but I got no response so I thought Dad was out. ‘Dad, you in?’ I went into the lounge and realised I should’ve known better, he wasn’t out he was just ignoring me, as usual. ‘I’m home dad.’ He just grunted and carried on lying down on the sofa. ‘Get me a beer.’ He looked at me, ‘well?’ I threw my bag at him but he just pushed it aside. That’s what annoys me the most about him, the fact that he has amazing reflexes which is strange considering how much he drinks. I went to the freezer to get him his beer. I got it out, went back into the lounge and chucked it at him. With one swift move he caught it in one hand and opened it with the other. ‘Temper, Temper.’ He mocked. I just shut myself in the kitchen and ignored him. I bought some wood out of my bag that I got from the woodwork rooms at lunch. I move the stove and hid the wood in my secret collection with all my other wood and old tools I nicked. I sat there wondering what I might need them for or whether I should just use them. Every time I think about this a voice pops up in the back of my head saying “Not yet, save them for later,” but this time it said “Soon, soon, not yet but soon.” The rest of the evening I just spent listening to the football scores on our only radio.  

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