My Side

My Side is a story about a severe bullying case (for which the characters are unnamed) about a boy who has lost loads and gets the micky taken out of him for it by another lad who has problems of his own.

This is a 2 story book and the first intro is for the first book and the second intro is for the second.

Being a Victim:
This side is told through the eyes of a victimised child with only his instrument for company.

Why I Did It:
This side is told through the eyes of a lad who has problems at home and makes up for them by his bullying at school.


5. The Solution

When I got to school I got through the entrance no problem, he wasn’t there. I thought something was up but I just went to my form room. That’s when I saw him. He was bullying another kid but when he saw me he dropped the other kid and came over to me. ‘Hey look, its squirt!’ He started to push me around and tease me. Then one of his buddies got my viola and they started chucking it around. I got frustrated but just then one of them dropped it and I heard it break. I snapped. I heard my mum’s voice in my mind: “Why should you take it?” ‘Why,’ I shouted ‘Why should I take this? Who are you to dictate what I can and can’t do? Who are you to say who I am?’ I inched forwards and he flinched, ‘I don’t care what problems you have but there is no need to go around bullying kids because of it!’ Just then I think something clicked inside of him. He ran out of the corridor, out of the school and from what I heard all the way home. My hands were still shaking when I realised he took my viola. After that the day blurred together and I couldn’t remember anything until next morning.  

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