My Side

My Side is a story about a severe bullying case (for which the characters are unnamed) about a boy who has lost loads and gets the micky taken out of him for it by another lad who has problems of his own.

This is a 2 story book and the first intro is for the first book and the second intro is for the second.

Being a Victim:
This side is told through the eyes of a victimised child with only his instrument for company.

Why I Did It:
This side is told through the eyes of a lad who has problems at home and makes up for them by his bullying at school.


8. My Past

So I’ll go through it from the start shall I? I was very young when my Mum and Dad broke up but it turned out my Dad owned the property and as my Mum had no job at the time my Dad got legal ownership. My Mum didn’t argue she just stormed out of court and I never saw her again. I always tried to impress my Dad and get his attention by doing stuff for him but he never took any notice of me. This made me think that it was me who drove Mum away. My Dad got worse and worse and he became moodier and moodier. Eventually he lost his job because his boss and co-workers couldn’t stand him anymore. He started becoming an alcoholic and he wasted all our savings on his booze to “calm” himself down but frankly it just made him worse. In the end we had to move because he’d spent so much money. We got a cramped little three room flat because that’s all we could afford with our left over money. One room is the kitchen, the next is the lounge and the final room is Dads study/bedroom, even though he doesn’t need a study for anything. He makes me sleep in the lounge on an old rug. Now he has a janitor’s job at the local supermarket so he can get himself enough beer for the week and a little food for us. But thankfully I can get away by going to school and the school I go to is East Hampton Public School the same school as little man Squirt.  

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