My Side

My Side is a story about a severe bullying case (for which the characters are unnamed) about a boy who has lost loads and gets the micky taken out of him for it by another lad who has problems of his own.

This is a 2 story book and the first intro is for the first book and the second intro is for the second.

Being a Victim:
This side is told through the eyes of a victimised child with only his instrument for company.

Why I Did It:
This side is told through the eyes of a lad who has problems at home and makes up for them by his bullying at school.


4. My Home Life

When I got in I heard my favourite voice ‘Hello Darling’ and of course my favourite voice belongs to my favourite person. I walked into the lounge to see my mum looking at our old photo albums (the only thing she saved from the fire) ‘How was school?’ I sat down next her ‘the usual’. She hugged me ‘more problems?’ I talked her through the day from start to end. I told her about the toilets and being put out lunch. ‘It makes me sick honey; I mean they don’t even do anything about it, why should you take it my baby?’ I looked at the photo album and saw it was open on the page with the photos of my first day at primary school. We looked through the photos together. Every time a picture of Dad came up it brought a tear to my eye. I only really realise how much I miss him when I see the photo album. At the end I looked at mum and saw that she’d cried just as much as me. I saw something on the floor and picked it up. It was a photo that dropped out of the album. It was the photo of me when my Dad had brought my viola for me. ‘Shouldn’t you practise, the viola I mean?’ I nodded and went upstairs to get it out as my mum stuck the photo back in. I played for at least two hours straight. It helped to take my mind of things for a while. It made me remember my Dad. All the happy times. Afterwards I packed my bag for the next day. I made sure I had my viola for the lesson at lunch.  

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