My Side

My Side is a story about a severe bullying case (for which the characters are unnamed) about a boy who has lost loads and gets the micky taken out of him for it by another lad who has problems of his own.

This is a 2 story book and the first intro is for the first book and the second intro is for the second.

Being a Victim:
This side is told through the eyes of a victimised child with only his instrument for company.

Why I Did It:
This side is told through the eyes of a lad who has problems at home and makes up for them by his bullying at school.


11. How He Fixed Me

I decided to wait for Squirt outside the form room today but someone ran into me so I put him in the bin and made him stay there. I was keeping a close eye on him until I saw Squirt so the other guy ran off. ‘Hey look, it’s Squirt!’ I said and my mates came to join me. I saw he was carrying a long wooden box that would go perfectly in my wood collection. So when he wasn’t expecting it I grabbed the case. He tried to get it back so I chucked it to one of my mates and we kept chucking it around. Then one of my mates dropped it and I heard something in the case break. Squirt also broke just then. ‘Why?’ he shouted ‘Why should I take this? Who are you to dictate what I can and can’t do? Who are you to say who I am?’ He inched forwards and I flinched because he was looking very violent, ‘I don’t care what problems you have, there is no need to go around bullying kids because of it!’ With that I realised two things, the first was how mean I had been to Squirt and the second was I shouldn’t put up with it either. So I grabbed to case and ran as fast as I could all the way home. When I got in I heard my Dad, ‘Your home early, what did you do.’ I stopped and turned around to him. ‘You should treat me with more respect, I’m your son not your servant. Just because they both begin with ‘S’ doesn’t mean they’re the same thing. You were the one who drove mum away; you’re the guilty party here!’ With that I went into the kitchen and slammed the door behind me. The voice in my mind said, “Now is the time, this is why you gathered this - to help someone with something they love” Just then I realised the voice belonged to my Mum. I opened the case to find a broken viola, “That’s why he loved it so much,” I thought. I moved the stove and got my stuff and set to work fixing the viola.  

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