My Sisters Sunhat

I Wrote this for a competition...its short,i didn't win:( Hope you like it..

I'm Jess, and I Didnt expect to be spending my Saturday taking my sister to the beach, but i soon realised that things were about to get much much worse...


2. Two


"Yes Mum, sure I will, Okay See You Later," I was saying as I shut the car door, iPod in one hand, sister in the other. Now it was my turn to give the instructions,

"Don't bother me please," I told Pippa, but she obviously had better things to do as she ran off with her sun hat perched on top of her head. It was a pretty sun hat with pink and purple embroidery around the rim. 


I sat myself down on a white and blue stripy sun chair, put my earphones into each of my ears and pressed play.

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