My Sisters Sunhat

I Wrote this for a competition...its short,i didn't win:( Hope you like it..

I'm Jess, and I Didnt expect to be spending my Saturday taking my sister to the beach, but i soon realised that things were about to get much much worse...


3. Three

Pippa had already ran off to play. I watched her with her 'Dragoness' sunhat perched on her head. 'Dragoness' was an expensive make in children's accessories. Mum had never bought me anything that expensive.




A breeze swept across my face as I opened one eye, it had gotten chillier and the sun was going down. I must of fallen asleep. I checked the time on my iPod. It read 3:09. Mum must be here to collect me soon, I thought. Then I started to pack away my things as looked around, most people had left the beach and there was just an old couple, heading to their car, and a group of teenagers walking a dog. Then suddenly I had one of those terrible moments, my heart skipped a beat as I blinked and immediately remember why I was at the beach.


"Pippa!" I said. My eyes instantly scanned the sea and the sand, I could see Pippa's bucket and spade, bobbing up and down on the water. The tide must be coming in.  I started to search the beach, but there was only so many places that she could be. The beach is small, just a few sun chairs, some water, a car park and some sand.

 After ten minuets or so, i got worried. I thought about calling her name but the teenagers were still about and I didn't want to embarrass myself. I wondered if she had gone to the toilet cubicles, but she would of told me. 

Suddenly nothing mattered anymore except finding my little sister. I shouted and screamed her name, but she was nowhere to be seen. 4:10 and I decided to call the police. I slouched into the sun chair and weeped. What shall I do? Mum would be here anytime now too.

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