My Sisters Sunhat

I Wrote this for a competition...its short,i didn't win:( Hope you like it..

I'm Jess, and I Didnt expect to be spending my Saturday taking my sister to the beach, but i soon realised that things were about to get much much worse...


4. Four

I started to search the sea and splashed through the water damaging my denim jeans and abandoning my jacket and beach bag. I heard something behind me. As I turned I saw the police approaching in their cars, closely followed by Mums grey Polo. At this point the sea water was hip length so i began making my way to shore. Something brushed past my leg and caught my eye. I froze, and looked over my shoulder slowly. Floating in the deep grey sea was Pippa's pink sun hat. I carefully picked it up, as salty water dripped off it. The neat embroidery had washed away and loosened. The rim was uneven and it looked haunting. Police men rushed to join me.

"What happened!?"One of them was asking me. But I said nothing, I looked down to the sunhat. It still had its Dragoness label, but the writing had faded and now it just said 'gone.'



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