My Sisters Sunhat

I Wrote this for a competition...its short,i didn't win:( Hope you like it..

I'm Jess, and I Didnt expect to be spending my Saturday taking my sister to the beach, but i soon realised that things were about to get much much worse...


1. One

Spending my Saturday taking my younger sister Pippa to the beach was not what I'd had in mind, but Mum did promise five pounds so, after much persuasion, I agreed to it. It was Saturday morning, the first sunny day Scotland had seen for a while and I could think of a lot of places I would rather be.

"Remember to apply plenty of sun cream and keep an eye on Pippa, you know she is still learning to swim…" Mum was doing her usual 'safety check' with me, but my mind was wandering away, I can never concentrate when I am being nagged or being given instructions.

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