Yes, Miss Amelia

Benny has spent his whole life serving Miss Amelia and her family and when both their seventeenth birthdays arrive it causes a rift in the house but not between Benny and Miss Amelia - out of their parents rivalry blooms a new friendship but will it last?


1. Amelia Riordan

Amelia Riordan. What can I say about her? Well, she is (as her father would put it) a gorgeous gift from god and was born to deliver happiness into the world. However, that doesn’t necessarily means she actually does the thing her father says she was born to do.

I should know! I have been working for her family since the age of thirteen and before that I used to wonder around the mansion while my mother worked with the other maids. So you can see I have known the Riordan family my whole life and I am practically the same age as the Miss Amelia, only a few days apart.

It was the day before Miss Amelia’s seventeenth birthday and her father, Sir Riordan, had ordered me to inform Cook to bake a cake and I was on my way to the kitchen when…

‘Oh, sorry!’ I gasped spinning round focusing my attention on the person I had bumped into.

‘Watch where you’re going wont you, I could have creased my dress’ Miss Amelia bickered trying to regain her dignity even though she was sat upon the floor. She hoisted herself to her feet and started to shoo me away.

‘Yes Miss Amelia’ I said bowing my head walking away backwards, I then continued to race down the hall towards the kitchen.

‘Oh wait!’ I suddenly heard Miss Amelia call. I span around to her attention.

‘Yes Miss Amelia?’ I asked rocking forward and back on my feet anxious to get to Cook.

‘It has come to my attention that you share your birthday with me…’ Miss Amelia started to say.

‘Well actually Miss, my birthday is on the Tuesday not tomorrow’ I replied.

‘Nevertheless’ Amelia said ‘I do not wish there to be any celebration for your birthday. I want all the attention to be on me, you hear?’

‘Yes Miss Amelia’ I sighed shuffling along the corridor. This wasn’t the first time she had done it. When I was going to turn thirteen my mother and the other maids and cooks and well everyone was going to throw me a party before I had to start working for the Riordan family. It was like the last day of childhood. Yet the Riordan family didn’t want the servants to be distracted by me so we had to call it off and this year Cook was going to bake me a cake but I supposed that the cake and the banners and the balloons and the music wasn’t going to take place…again. It was poignant because every year everyone got excited and every year I had to let them all down.

‘Hello Benny’ Cook laughed his hands covered in pastry and his face filled with glee.

‘Good morning, Cook, Sir Riordan wants you to bake an extravagant cake for Miss Amelia, preferably with ten tiers, pink icing and flowers’ I recited trying to remember as much as I could.

‘Yes, it’s the same every year but I want to know is what sort of cake you would like’ Cook asked his eyes shining with possibility. He knew me too well. He knew, if I were aloud a cake, I would choose something that would be a challenge for him and Cook loved a challenge.

‘I regretfully have to say that Miss Amelia yet again has requested I do not celebrate my birthday’ I said a massive sigh meeting me from Cook.

‘One day that girl will learn what a cow she has been to you’ Cook said ‘I cannot understand what her crisis is with you. You have never done anything to her or her family!’

‘Do not worry’ I thought ‘I suppose it is how she has been raised. I am sorry again Cook. I should have known better than to get my hopes up with my birthday’ I daydreamed for a moment thinking about what it could be like ‘You know when I am older and much richer I will throw a massive birthday party with balloons and banners and music and…’

‘Cake?’ Cook asked.

‘Yes lots and lots of cake. And you know what?’ I laughed.

‘What?’ Cook chuckled.

‘Miss Amelia shall not be invited’ I said banging my fist on the table as if I had just made a revolutionary speech.

‘It is such pity that there is no longer any other time to throw parties. You were our last hope of being able to have a celebration. They wouldn’t let us at our age have birthday parties, we just hoped that…’ Cook said a tiny bit if a whimper coming over his voice.

There was a long awkward silence before Miss Amelia ran through the kitchen doors; floods of tears running down her face.

‘Uh, Miss Amelia? Whatever is the problem?’

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