L'Ombra della Vendetta (The Shadow of Vengeance)

L'Ombra della Vendetta is a fanfiction about World of Warcraft.
Don't feel discouraged from its length, the story seems huge but is actually pretty short. I hope you'll give it a try.

This is a work of fantasy. The entire world where it takes place is owned by Blizzard Entertainment.
This story and its main characters are products of the author’s twisted imagination.

Its content may be not suitable for sensitive people, because it contains acts of violence even towards defenseless people.


3. Chapter 3

The Underbelly surely wasn't an ordinary sewer like some other city's. Since goblins took over the underground management, after the Magical City's moving due to the Nexus War, things were certainly less tranquil. But nobody was able to run the economy like them, something really needed by a city newly rebuilt: they were taking advantage even from the sewers, with their arenas and their markets. In those very markets you could buy every kind of goods or informations. And this was that kind of purchase a mage and a paladin were looking for, heading to the most notorious area of the sewers.

People said there were a right guy, either in the case you lost your house's keys, or you wished to know if your son was skipping school or if your wife was betraying you. Pazik the blacksmith was spending his day under his tent, as usual. He always passed the whole day in there, and many wondered how he knew everything about everyone, there was even some who suspected that his mysterious goblin spectacles actually allowed him to see remote places. Obviously this was merely a fancy, goblins were more well-known to pass information by word of mouth, and certainly not for free, rather than paranormal powers such as mind reading. And around there was a lot of people who owed him a favor.

"Blacksmith Prylock, good morning! How are today's business?" asked cordially the mage, approaching him.

"Slow, as usual, Loremaster" answered the goblin "Since the Cataclysm hit, the economic crisis is hurting even the Magical City."

"Then you'll be glad to know that I need your work, I guess."

"Sure!" his eyes were shining "Do you need a new lock up at the Citadel? Like i said to Archmage Modera, magic is effective but steel betrays you far less."

"No, not that kind of work" interrupted the paladin "the *other* work."

"Oh" the goblin changed expression "I didn't notice you, Crusader" he said with a mellifluous smile.

"We both know that ain't true, let's go on. I guess you already know what happened the last night."

"Oh yes, what a tragedy, a real tragedy..."

"Let's make it short. Who did it?"

"And how could I know? At that time i was already in my bivouac, sleeping, like all the respectable people living here."

"Good point" said the mage "All the people living here. The killer then is an outsider, and we're trying to identify him."

"Sorry, I don't think I know anything about the murder..."

"Convenient excuse to avoid waking up without a head, tomorrow" objected the paladin, making a gesture towards his neck.

"You don't know who killed him, right" added the other one "But you could tell us who asked informations about that tauren."

The goblin blushed. "So, well... Certainly there is the moral obligation, but the professional ethics requires me to..."

"Your professional ethics as blacksmith, surely, requires for you to not keep for yourelf duplicate keys from your customers, or to sell bad locks." answered the Loremaster.

"But I am not aware there is an ethics for spies too" added the paladin.

"Okay, okay. But just because, you know, I feel obliged to this city, where I could get rich. Not for any moral duty towards the victim, I hope that's clear."

The two exchanged a glance and began to chuckle. Goblins had a peculiar sense of honor, in their opinion it was better to betray a person rather than lose the confidence of a mound of money.

"A gnome. A female gnome. She arrived in here flying, i guess, from the unmonitored pipes. She asked me where she could find that tauren and for some coin I didn't have the heart to refuse. I thought they were, i don't know, old friends."

"Yeah sure" muttered the paladin "Describe her."

"She was dressed, well, in black. She tried not to be noticed, and I must say she was quite good at that. But... Did you hear someone has recently picked a quarrel with some haughty from the arenas, right? From what I could understand, it was her, which surprised me. I thought the Spell of Sanctuary would prevent these skirmishes in the upper floors."

"Go on" was hasty the mage "Give us something else. Hair? Eyes? Distinguishing features?" Height didn't matter, all gnomes were almost equal. But whether she limped, or if she had any speech defectt, that would be useful.

"Actually, she had something weird. Her hair, her eyes ... They were both red, blood red. Okay for the hair, but I had never seen any other gnome with such eyes. Could this mean something?"

"It could" answered vague the night elf, asking "How did she come to Dalaran? If she came to know from you where the victim was exactly hiding, she must have heard from someone else to come here or to at least ask you. Or at least, to ask you."

"Ehm" coughed the goblin "I think, you know, that could be my cousin... The old Jazzik, he runs a shop in Ratchet, down in the Barrens. From time to time he helps travelers with their questions, a bit as..."

"A bit as you do, Pazik, and we thank you for your contribution. The Violet Citadel will send a messenger with a fair reward for your help."

"Anything for the Magical City. Loremaster. Crusader. I wish you all my greetings."

"See you, blacksmith."

Leaving, the paladin added in a low tone "But hopefully not anytime soon."

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