L'Ombra della Vendetta (The Shadow of Vengeance)

L'Ombra della Vendetta is a fanfiction about World of Warcraft.
Don't feel discouraged from its length, the story seems huge but is actually pretty short. I hope you'll give it a try.

This is a work of fantasy. The entire world where it takes place is owned by Blizzard Entertainment.
This story and its main characters are products of the author’s twisted imagination.

Its content may be not suitable for sensitive people, because it contains acts of violence even towards defenseless people.


21. Chapter 21

"Azzinoth" murmured the mage "We already know each other."

"Really?" laughed the Doomguard "Sorry, but to me you're all alike. So engrossed in hatred to not realize you lose sight of yourselves."

"Not that this annoys you, demon, right?" objected the paladin.

"Oh no, I LIVE on others' hatred and vengeance" he pointed to the gnome on the floor "And she provided me a good chance to come back to this world."

"What I remember about you, it's only that Illidan defeated you. He killed you ten thousand years ago" objected Lithos.

"Defeated? Certainly, little night elf. But killed..."

The Doomguard spread out the wings, launching a dark attack against the group.

"It seems possible to you to kill vengeance itself?" he continued, laughing out loud.

Pat materialized a curtain of ivy leaves, defending her group from the demon's attack.

"Locked up for ten thousand years... I think i got a bit rusty. Don't worry, it won't take long to fix that!"

Spreading out again his wings, Azzinoth launched another spell against the curtain of ivy leaves, which managed to defend the group at the cost of its own existence, crumbling.

As their defense collapsed, Lithos tried to cast a batch of Arcane Missiles against the Doomguard, without any result.

"You and your ridiculous spells. Poor, little mages. The Betrayer tried to do that too, don't you remember? Arcane hasn't any effect on me!"

Now everything became clear to the Loremaster. Callie's resistance to the Spell of Sanctuary, or his vain attempts to freeze her into time, and the failure of his other arcane attacks. She was possessed by the demon, who therefore infused his powers in her.

Meanwhile Razlo didn't sit in his hands and sprang at their new enemy. The demon was unbelievably fast, his hits failed one after another.

Dodging the umpteenth hit, the Doomguard threw the paladin faraway with a flutter of wings.

While he was approaching him airborne, some roots stopped the demon's legs.

"Stupid elf" yelled Azzinoth towards Pat "I hate being interrupted. Let's see how well you do without being able to commune with your beloved nature."

And murmuring something in his language, the Doomguard put a curse on her.

Pat tried to open her mouth, but all that she could say was gibberish.

"Demonic..." noticed the mage, who meanwhile helped his friend to get up.

"Pat, don't say anything! Casting spells in Demonic in presence of a demon severely alters their effect!"

It was too late, the spell that would heal Razlo after his tumble gave its effect to the scarlet Doomguard.

"Excellent" thanked Azzinoth "That was what I needed to recover my powers faster!"

So the demon materialized a long sword which shone of a green light.

Without saying more words, he flew towards the paladin with the purpose of piercing him. Until his steel didn't encounter Lithos' violet sword.

"My spells won't be enough to defeat you, demon" said the mage, parrying his hit "But this sword is enough to stop your strikes."

Several centuries passed since Lithos engaged in a melee fight, something he had never been particularly good at. But also the demon, who was moreover weakened, wasn't used to use that kind of weapon, the night elf remembered it well. Lithos had watched the battle between Azzinoth and Illidan with his own eyes, even if he remembered the particular of the arcane immunity only a few minutes ago. There must have been a reason why Illidan, at that time arcanist of great ability, decided to face the Doomguard in a melee fight. Both of them used two warglaives, and although the demon's were definitely better, Illidan got the best of him anyway. He was a brilliant fighter, able to understand his enemy and learn from them the right way to defeat them, improving during that very fight. In that quality, Lithos kept up with him. Parrying a hit with his ethereal sword, he counterattacked the demon hitting his flank. The hit enraged the Doomguard, who fluttered the wings afain, casting again the same dark spell.

However the purple-dressed mage wasn't unprepared: with his left hand he materialized a small part of his mana, using it to create a shield which would allow him to absorb the hit. Their encounter was bound to continue by cold steel. The demon was immune to the mage's skills, who in turn was able to use his magic to shield himself from the demon's skills. Azzinoth hadn't yet recovered enough strenght to put another curse like that one suffered by the green-haired druid, who was watching in silence the clash, bent over the rogue's little body.

Continuing the battle against the mage, the demon thought twice about the people who surrounded him. Parry, lunge. There was something fishy, but he didn't understand what it was. Dodge, leap, lunge. The mage was a better fighter than he thought, the fact that he didn't wear a long robe like most of his associates was an obvious proof of his battle experiences. Parry, parry, backward leap, lunge.

In his behalf, the mage was at the limit of his tolerance. He enhanced his weapon with magic, and it was enough to make it equal to the enemy's greatsword. Lunge, dodge, leap. Even if the demon hadn't totally recovered, however he still outclassed him in a melee fight. Dodge, dodge, sideleap. He hoped to manage to gain enough time, even just few seconds more, before the demon could notice...

Suddenly, a glare appeared in a corner of the room. Razlo, which remained aside for some long minutes, lighted up all those present with a blinding light.

The demon, covering his eyes, flew high overcoming the mage, trying to lash out against the paladin before his spell was complete. He was nearly able to reach him, but a moment before touching him, a strong ray came out from draenei's hands. The Exorcism pierced the Doomguard, who radiated by light, blew up without leaving any trace.

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