L'Ombra della Vendetta (The Shadow of Vengeance)

L'Ombra della Vendetta is a fanfiction about World of Warcraft.
Don't feel discouraged from its length, the story seems huge but is actually pretty short. I hope you'll give it a try.

This is a work of fantasy. The entire world where it takes place is owned by Blizzard Entertainment.
This story and its main characters are products of the author’s twisted imagination.

Its content may be not suitable for sensitive people, because it contains acts of violence even towards defenseless people.


20. Chapter 20

Callie was going back home. She went to fish that morning, the loot wasn't very abundant but enough to feed them. She wasn't good at fishing, but was improving her skills. Astrid was waiting for her and no thought was as beautiful as to hug her again. They had been lovers for many years, since school days in Gnomeregan, but every day was like the first one. While on one hand she wondered how it was possible, on the other hand it didn't matter. They were happy, the days of their battles were gone. The only things that they brought back from the Outland were her blades and the strange flying horse that Astrid stole from Gorefiend's stables. Nothing else could portray them as veterans, except the occasional visits of long standing friends.

Approaching the little house, Callie found the doorway half open.

"How strange!" remarked loudly "Maybe she's cleaning the floor. I had better to pay attention or I will stain it..."

She fully opened the door watching her steps, to avoid walking on the soapy floorboards. But instead of water, a long trail of blood continued across the house.

She followed it by walking, first slowly, then faster and faster. She had her heart in her mouth. Thousand thoughts in her mind, so confused that she couldn't tell them apart. Opening the door of their bedroom, she found her there.

Astrid was naked on the bed, completely covered in blood. A long cut crossed her throat, another one crossed her chest. The run towards her seemed endless, every step seemed very slow.

When she reached her bedside, she held Astrid's hands in hers, with tear-filled eyes.

Astrid only had the time to whisper her "I love you" before departing this life.

Callie kissed her, at that very minute. Their last kiss.

Suddenly, new memories filled her mind.

Astrid was lighting up the fire, when something got behind her shutting her mouth with a hand. He was a troll, who, talking in the common language of the orcs told something to his comrades. There were four of them.

They beat her, taking turns, while the others were laughing. They seemed happy with their new little plaything. She tried to rebel, freezing the orc who was grabbing her and attempting therefore to escape by the door. But the elf blocked her way and with a counterspell stopped her on the spot.

They undressed her, dragging her in the bedroom.

One after the other sprang on her. The troll laid onto her, while the forsaken was at her back. Flailing, she tried to cast some other spells, but the tauren cut her throat with his blade, before the elf decided to personally "take care" of her mouth.

Callie saw in her mind all the the smallest perverted details of that morning.

After they had finished with her, the orc gashed her chest, leaving a deep smell of blood in all the room which made his wolf howl.

Overpowered by a sea of memories that didn't belong to her, Callie was more and more garbled.

A voice was getting mighty in her mind.

"That's how do you want it to end?"


"Will you leave unpunished her death? Her suffering?"


"Well... close your eyes and focus on revenge. I'll give you the strenght and the reason to carry on."


Opening her eyes, she thought to have returned to reality. Astrid's body laid lifeless on the bed. Callie looked at her hands, they were bloodstained. Looking up to the mirror that was in their room, she noticed that her eyes and her hairs were not pink as she remembered, but of a scary blood red.

Unable to understand, to accept what happened, she hugged her loved one, yelling her name. A heartbreaking howl of endless pain.

Everything reverted black.

An imposing voice, the same which resonated in Callie's mind, spoke to those present.

"Who are you, to stop her vengeance? The heart of this rogue is full of it, hatred is the only purpose of her life. Who do you think to be to prevent her to complete her goal?"

"We're justice!" yelled the paladin, lit up by a bright glare. Flinging his axe on the ground, he yelled "JUDGEMENT!" breaking the darkness that surrounded them.

They were back in the little house in Hillsbrad, it looked like nothing changed. Callie was unconscious on the floor, Sunreaver was hiding behind the table, the four guards laid paralyzed on the floor, Pat stared at Lithos and Razlo with questioning eyes.

"What we saw is what happened to her?"

"So it seems" replied the paladin to her "But it didn't happen by chance. I think it's doing of a..."


The same voice as before answered. A red smoke was materializing from the gnome's unconscious body, which was returning to its original colors.

"Now that she passed out, I'm afraid I'll have to continue this mission by myself. Not that I have some particular reasons, sure. It's just I like to kill. And you're next!"

A scarlet Doomguard appeared before their eyes.

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