L'Ombra della Vendetta (The Shadow of Vengeance)

L'Ombra della Vendetta is a fanfiction about World of Warcraft.
Don't feel discouraged from its length, the story seems huge but is actually pretty short. I hope you'll give it a try.

This is a work of fantasy. The entire world where it takes place is owned by Blizzard Entertainment.
This story and its main characters are products of the author’s twisted imagination.

Its content may be not suitable for sensitive people, because it contains acts of violence even towards defenseless people.


19. Chapter 19

"We arrived too late" said the mage.

"Apparently" agreed the mustachioed paladin.

Once they were inside the house, the three found themselves in front of an horrible spectacle: the forsaken before them had been literally impaled. A long pole pieced between his legs coming up out of an eye's cavity, while another pole was lodged in his chest horizontally, at the armpit, crossing the lungs from side to side. His arms rested tired on the second stick, in that weird form of crucifixion.

"He must have suffered" decreed the druid "As she suffered. Or rather... They."

"I wonder when this story will end" said the paladin, scratching the tentacles on his chin, adding "However, he must have been dead for a long time."

"Yeah" agreed the mage "Probably the night before."

Both of them have had considerable experience during the war against the Lich King, about fighting against reanimated bodies. Even if until a few years earlier both wouldn't have been able to distinguish an 'alive' corpse from a truly lifeless one, now they were real experts in that field. One surely wouldn't have to check the body's temperature or rigidity, it was more a matter of recognizing if and when the spirit left his earthly garment.

"So she shouldn't be far away" judged the draenei.

"Good to know" said a voice unknown to them, coming from the outside.

A young reddish-haired blood elf walked into the room, accompanied by four bodyguards of his same race. Unlike their commander, who was wearing a rich red robe with golden ornaments, the guards were instead wearing battle armors complete with hood, of the same color, actually pretty simple for blood elves. What united the whole group, was the fact that everyone wore on their chest the Eye of Dalaran, gold on red and black background.

"What a tragedy, Loremaster Lithos. A war could spring, because of your non-compliances."

"A war has already bursted out, young elf" said the paladin with a mocking voice "And certainly not for a couple of murders. We will bring the guilty to Dalaran and the justice of the Kirin Tor will run its course."

"Not so fast, you're relieved from your duties."

"Who do you think you are, boy?" said the draenei, visibly upset.

"Magician Silvos Sunreaver" Lithos interjected saying "Explain us the reason for this intrusion."

"I've been sent here on official capacity by my uncle, Archmage Aethas."

"Our quest comes from Archmage Rhonin, leader of the Council of Six."

"Rhonin could not object when the Archmage, my uncle, found out what you hid from the Violet Citadel the other day."

The night elf was studying him with a glance so deep that only someone who has a thousand-year of life experience could understand.

"Our agents" continued Sylvos without noticing "They found the guilty for the death of our tauren brother, in the figure of a female gnome rogue. The whole Horde is mourning his death, which occurred in the neutral land of Dalaran, so the Dark Lady herself showed us the place where it seems, according to her sentries, she lived long ago. And now I'm sure she will not be pleased to know that her commander was crucified in this kind of hut."

"This 'hut' will be your grave, you filthy elf."

In general astonishment, a little shadow jumped toward the blood elf, and making glimmer two blades with a sinister green light.

The guards reacted by blocking her strike and throwing her to the ground.

"Coward" shouted the rogue getting up "Are you NEVER able to fight alone?"

The Sunreaver mage, agitated, shouted to his servants.


The guards, slightly confused, rushed against the little gnome. She was too nimble for them. Disarming simultaneously two soldiers with her blades, scuttled the third one. Finally, taking a back somersault, she striked a flying kick that drew up the fourth, who was trying to hit her from behind.

"They aren't worth much, these guys." she said, spitting on the ground.

"What are you doing?" asked Silvos agitated "Stand up!"

The four guards remained on the ground.

"They'll not be able to move for a while, I paralyzed them. I don't often use poison, no, I keep it for special occasions. As tonight."

The blood elf mumbled something in his dialect, trying to cast an arcane spell against the gnome, which did not undergo any effect.

"Useless" she said in a voice of defiance, lowering the cap "Nothing will stop my revenge. Our revenge. 'Her' revenge."

She then jumped against Silvos, meeting however a silver shield on her way. Razlo dashed to block her hit.

"What are you doing, paladin? I thought you didn't like this guy."

"Of course I don't like him" confirmed the draenei "But I can't let you kill him, you'll put us in trouble."

"Callie" called the druid "Please stop! We know about Astrid!"

"If you know about her" continued the rogue, while continuing his personal duel with Razlo "Then let me complete my vengeance."

"Vengeance? To me, what you want is kill everyone indiscriminately" objected the paladin, narrowly dodging a blow "I don't think we had a score to settle."

"You're defending him, that's enough to fight" said Callie, who avoided his shield with a pirouette steering wheel.

"And why do you want to kill him?" asked the paladin, pointing to the figure hiding not far away "I don't think 'lionheart' is determined to fight."

The gnome didn't answer, unleashing a couple of strikes that met Razlo's shield, which seemed to... enjoy that fight. A lot of time passed since he met a worthy opponent.

"It's because he was among your lifemate's murderers, right?" asked Loremaster Lithos, breaking his silence.

The Sunreaver magician, who was hiding behind a table, reacted angrily.

"Lithos, this is a grave affront! You'll have to respond to the Council of Six!"

"I've been watching you for a while, mage Silvos. You seem too tense for such an issue, it's almost like there's something... Personal."

"This is an insult!" he shouted, slightly rising from its hiding place.

A flying blade grazed his head of few inches, making him lean back in its hideout, filled with terror.

"Coward of an elf, sure you were there" shouted the rogue "Do you think I shouldn't know, just because I wasn't there? I've seen it all. I have seen every single moment, every single thing that you did to her."

Leaping over her opponent, she crossed the table. She sheated her blades, while she was heading to the reddish-haired mage.

"You'll die choking, bastard!" she shouted, gripping her hands toward her victim's neck.

Some roots snared Callie, impairing her movements. Pat anticipated Lithos, whose spell to stop time failed once again, blocking who she considered a friend of hers, and preventing her from commit another murder.

"I will not let you continue this massacre" she said, serious "I can't understand how you feel. But there is no justice in vengeance, I'm sure there is another way to solve things. You're not alone."

Callie, still, listened her words as if she was hypnotized.

A voice suddenly boomed in her head.

"She wants to prevent you from avenging her. To avenge your love, who you lost forever. She must suffer, as she suffered. As you're suffering."

Callie freed herself from the roots that imprisoned her, with a supernatural burst of anger. She was completely scarlet, an even more fiery color dyed here hairs, eyes, and now even the face. Unsheating again her daggers, she sprinted to Patricia.

It was just a few moments before she'd pierce her that Razlo, grabbing his shield, struck her down, making her fall to the ground.

Before fainting, she whispered a few words.

"Il mio cuore le restò... sulle labbra..."

Suddenly, everything around them turned black.

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